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Halloween Party Themes For Couples

Short on ideas? Here follows a list of Halloween party themes that should give you a good idea of what theme to use for your own party

Halloween Party Themes For Couples
 Halloween Party Themes For Couples

Vampires And Villains Party

A new twist to an old tradition. Have your guests come dressed as their preferred villain-turned-vampire. Watch as the ensuing hilarity turns your Halloween party into the year’s most successful bash.

Party Of The Undead

Who said you have to be the life of the party? Invite guests to be the best-dressed zombie, mummy or corpse-bride in town. Pass out invitation cards that look like tombstones!

Salems Lost Theme

Throw a Halloween party with witchy results. Make everyone dress up as puritan era settlers who look like they walked out of the 1692 Salem witch trials. Long tattered and torn cotton night dresses and a bonnet would do.

Botched Halloween Costume Theme

To start off, make your own invitations. The kids can help you do this. Make the invitations appear not-too-perfect. Don’t try to cover up mistakes or correct goof-ups. That’s the whole idea!

Saturday Night Fright

A seventies fashion fest. Think John Travolta in his white pantsuit. Ask your friends to keep the disco fever burning by dusting off their trusty old platform shoes and muumuus and groove to the beat of the afro ‘Do.

Ghoul Gambler Theme

People usually don’t think of Las Vegas when asked about Halloween. But seriously, would you really pick one over the other? Why not bring them together in a hilarious night of Halloween revelry Vegas style!

Titanic Tricky Treats Theme

What would you do if the Titanic came back? More specifically, what would you look like if you came back from the watery depths of the Titanic’s graveyard?

Nuclear Fright Theme

Try a post Nuclear war party, complete with bombed out decor. Halloween is a party in itself, with millions across the nation throwing their own party shindig..

Hogwarts Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with a Harry Potter Masquerade Party. You can easily create an invitation on parchment paper at home..

Pimpin Pumpkin Party

Opt to make your own, using an orange felt-tipped marker to write your information on the invitation in keeping with the orange theme, and pumpkin stickers or draw your own directly onto the card..

Gypsy Fortune Fest

Jazz up the night by hosting a séance and fortune telling treats. Start by dressing up as an old mysterious gypsy fortune teller, layering on several brightly colored mismatched skirts..

Hairy Fairy Tales

Host a Halloween party for your favorite scary fairy tale characters. You could dress as the Big Bad Wolf from The Little Red Riding Hood Story complete with grandma’s nightgown, nightcap and glasses..

Curdling Cauldron Party

Make everyone bring his or her own potluck brew, in a witch’s cauldron! Have your guests come over in whatever costume they want. Tonight, it will be about the food after all!

A Make Your Own Scarecrow Party

Use recycled household items for a fun fest your ghoulish guests will never forget! Of course you will need to teach your guests a few tricks of the trade just to jumpstart their creative spirit!

Geek Freak Show

Fan of sci-fi movies? Have your guests dress in their favorite Tolkien Character, maybe even a Star Trek character for your trekkie friends...