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Not-So Newlywed Game

How to play:

Tell everyone before hand it’s Virtual Game Night! Let them know they will need

a stack of paper (40 sheets) and two markers to write answers on. You could

also use sticky notes. Once your group is ready to begin, tell everyone the


Total game time: 45–60 minutes.


1. You have 20 questions to go through.

2. The leader will ask the questions one at a time and both the husband and wife

of each couple (including leaders) will write down their own answers privately

without showing each other or the group. Give no more than :30 to write each

answer using their own marker and paper. The faster the better and one word or

short answers are more fun. Make sure to turn them over as you do them so your

spouse can’t see. This should take about 10 minutes.

3. Each couple then takes a turn sharing their answers one at a time.

4. The leader will keep score.

5. The couple with the most points wins!

Pro Tip: Google “newlywed game” if you want examples of how it’s played.

How to Score:

1 point for each word or phrase that matches

0 points if they don’t have the same answer

Couple with the most points at the end wins!

If there is a tie, the most unique answer (group votes)!

Not-So Newlywed Game Questions:

1. Who said I love you first?

2. Who is the messiest out of you both?

3. What’s the first movie you saw together?

4. What’s your husband’s favorite desert?

5. What’s one thing you do that annoys your wife?

6. After an argument, who usually apologizes first?

7. Where was your first kiss?

8. What's your wife’s most prized possession (apart from you)?

9. What’s your husband’s shoe size?

10. Who has the worst handwriting?

11. What's your wife’s favorite thing that you wear?

12. What was your husband’s first pet?

13. What is your wife scared of most?

14. What was the best present your husband ever gave you?

15. What’s your husband’s nickname for you?

16. What’s one thing your wife likes to do that you don’t?

17. Who has the best memory?

18. What gets on your husband’s nerves the most?

19. Who’s the biggest procrastinator?

20. Who says “I love you” the most?