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Couple Yoga Poses For Intimate And Health

Intimate Couples Yoga Poses

Yoga is thousands of years old and in its time has helped people to align the mind, body and spirit, find increased well-being, peace, and inner balance. It also energizes and invigorates. It can improve many aspects of life. It helps to prevent premature aging, keep the body fit, trim and free of pain and ailments. Among the physical benefits it can bring are included an increased sex drive and sexual experience. 

Scientific research shows that women who practice Yoga have stronger sex drives and experience orgasm more often. Men who practice Yoga are also bound to experience immense benefits in the bedroom. 

Couple Yoga Poses
Couple Yoga Poses

Lovedit will show you how Yoga can improve your health and sex drive as well as your sexual experience to make your life a more enjoyable one. You will learn to let go of stress, anxiety and inhibitions so you can open up to your inner energy flow which will in turn let you open up to the experience of enjoying sex. 

You will learn how to communicate your desires better, understand the signals of your partner better so both of you can have more fun and deeper, more meaningful love-making. Both men and women will find exercises tailored to benefit their sex lives as well as life in general. Doing the exercises and following the advice can result in more meaningful sex and a more meaningful and healthy life. 

Sex is more than just the physical experience, just as Yoga is more than physical exercise. With both activities, an important and powerful mental and spiritual component is present. With sex a powerful emotional component is always present. 

Of course, it’s possible to practice Yoga without giving much thought to spiritual or mental aspects. This is completely OK, and this is how many modern practitioners start out with Yoga. It’s still healthy to breathe deeply, stretch and strengthen the body. 

However, it quickly happens that people who do Yoga start to feel a connection with a higher spirit, or to find the spiritual within themselves. Similarly, many people in this day and age have sex because it feels good. They then usually start to develop an emotional bond with the partner they are engaging in sexual activity with. This is completely normal. Intimacy and the enjoyment of sex with someone you like very much or love is healthy, life affirming, and shifts the consciousness. Yoga works in a similar way.

As Yoga and sex can both be practiced with varying levels of depth and intensity, it only makes sense that a lovedit app would be written that connects these two practices. The experience of the human being is to grow and better the self, and to explore and enjoy life. Yoga is a powerful tool for doing just that, and can also make the experience of sex and other activities more enjoyable. 

Yoga should be practiced with care, and with the consultation of a seasoned Yoga instructor. Sex should be enjoyed in the context of a committed relationship at best, and at the least responsibly, safely and with protection and respect to one’s self and one’s partner. 

Both men and women should take into account how they feel, and how their partner feels. Communication and trust are important to enjoy healthy intimate relations. Yoga can instill a sense of self-care, which in turn positively translates to care and respect for others. This is one of the ways in which Yoga can make life better as a whole as well. 

The deep breathing associated with Yoga oxygenates the blood, helps to transport nutrients to the cells of the body and to relieve stress and release tension. A relaxed body and mind allow for more open exploration in bed. Tense muscles and a stressed mind do not translate to good love-making. 

This is just one of the ways Yoga can help. Healthy and relaxed people tend to have better sex, and more desire to do so. Tense and stressed people can first unwind with their Yoga practice, and then further the effects by engaging in bedroom action with their partner. 

Meditation is usually an important part of Yoga, and this shifting of the mind and letting go of mental clutter can also help people drop inhibitions and anxieties that make it difficult to perform and enjoy sex. Though meditation doesn’t need to be part of Yoga to get the physical benefits of a session, it deepens the effects and also has vast benefits for the mind, which in turn helps the body. 

Another way Yoga helps toward a better sex life and sexual experience is by getting the body into shape and helping to keep weight off. It orients the practitioner toward a healthy existence and gives inspiration to doing other types of physical activity including running and playing sports. The more active a person is, the more fit they are. Fitter and healthier people also have higher sex drives and have usually a better time in bed. 

Yoga also increases sensitivity. A sensual massage before having sex involves more nerve endings of the body that are awakened during Yoga. First you wake

up your body, your mind, all of your senses and then transfer this heightened awareness to a better and more intuitive and creative approach to love making. 

Sex is not just about genital contact. Women especially enjoy being touched gently on all parts of the body, but this requires a sense of what is the right amount of force at the right time on the man’s side. If a man practices Yoga and meditation, he will gain insight into his own feelings, connect the mind, body and feelings and put this insight into practice for being a better lover. Women can release inhibitions using Yoga, and apply that to more enjoyment in the bedroom as well. 

In addition, there are certain Yoga poses that one can do to increase blood flow to the lower body. This increases the desire to have sex and also helps stamina. The tension releasing of a general Yoga practice combined with poses directly targeting the lower body to increase blood flow and open up the sexual channels are ideal for facilitating a healthy sex drive and an improved sexual experience.

Chapter 1: Yoga Exercises to Improve Sex for Men

This chapter will guide the man in letting Yoga improve his sex life and general experience of sex by establishing healthy habits, healthy perspectives, strength and a basis for beginning meditation to center the self and let go of stress, inhibitions, anxiety. This chapter will give you the tools you need to have confidence, curiosity for sensual sex, and balance. 

Yoga Exercises to Improve Sex for Men
Yoga Exercises to Improve Sex for Men

You will want to wear comfortable clothing that is not too tight or too loose. A Yoga or other type of exercise mat is highly recommended. 

To begin doing Yoga, it is advisable to start by learning some basic Yoga flows to get familiar with the practice. Then, start doing poses that focus on drawing in the energy for controlled ejaculation. A general Yoga practice will make you stronger, and more adept at doing the more focused poses. It will leave you feeling energized, with a deep breath and a better sense of confidence which in turn translates to a better sexual experience. 

The principles of Yogic sex involve the exchange of energies using self-control to please the partner and the self. Men learn how to draw their semen up and into the body to restrain it from coming too soon. Then, when it is time to release the orgasm is full body, as opposed to concentrated to one part of the body. 

Men who are familiar with this practice report that the best orgasms result from concentrating on the union with the woman they are with and exploring her, than with simply thinking about the climax. This is at the heart of yogic sex: you are aligning with another person’s sexual energy on various levels and EXPERIENCING it. Yoga is all about the experience as well. 

You breathe deeply, center yourself and exist within that moment. There is no past, there is no future, not even a climax to look forward to. You intuitively explore the moment you are in. 

Meditation can help with the “be in the now”. By breathing deeply and calming the mind, thoughts slow and you observe how you feel. You watch thoughts slowly float by without attachment. Anxieties wash away. This is the perfect frame of mind to be in to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Meditation to Relieve Stress and Tension 

If you’ve never tried to meditate before, here is an easy way to begin.

1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. If you are too sleepy when lying down, find a comfortable chair to sit in. 

2. Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out. With each breath, let go of tension. Keep breathing deeply. 

3. Visualize a number 10 in your mind’s eye. Then a number 9, then a number 8 and count down to 1. Breathe deeply in and out with each number. 

4. Then simply sit in a state of calm. Observe your thoughts without attachment. Let them come and go as they please. Observe your breath, simply let it come and go and rise and fall. Remain sitting like this for another 5-10 minutes.

Yoga Flow for Strength and Stamina 

A simple Yoga flow practice to get your energy moving throughout the entire body follows. Be sure to make the movements follow the breath. The breath is the fundamental aspect of Yoga, it is your life force and will energize your movements and allow for the building of muscle and prevent soreness after a Yoga session. Learning the art of deep breathing will also improve your sexual performance and experience. 

1. Stand up straight with your shoulders back. Relax but stand up straight. Breathe deeply in and out and let all of your stress drop to the floor as you stand up tall. This is called mountain pose. (You are strong and firm as a mountain). 

2. Then inhale and raise your arms above your head. Look up. 

3. Next, dive forward with your arms moving to the sides as you exhale. You will now be standing in a forward bend. Bend your knees slightly to prevent back injury. It is important that you do not force any of these exercises. Be firm, be strong, but don’t force anything. This same principle applies to sex as well. 

4. Now look forward and lift your head slightly as you straighten your arms as you inhale deeply. 

5. Then drop your head again in the forward bend as you exhale fully. Try to touch your nose to your knees. You may bend your knees, straighten them a bit to increase the stretch. 

6. Now move into a push up position as you inhale. 

7. As you exhale, lower your body into the lowered push up position. 

8. Next stretch your chest forward in an upward facing dog pose as you inhale deeply. You face up the sky while in the push up position with the upper body. 

9. As you exhale, push back into downward facing dog pose. The hips are lifted and the arms are stretched so that both the feet and hands are pushing against the Yoga mat or floor. The head is relaxed. Stay in this pose for five breaths. You can shake your head “yes” or “no” to release tension. 

10. After five inhales and exhales, step the feet forward to the hands and look forward while inhaling. 

11. Drop the upper body forward in an exhale.

12. Then inhale and come up, bringing the arms above the head and look up to the sky. 

13. Then bring the hands to the chest pressed together in a “prayer” pose. 

14. Inhale and exhale, then inhale and repeat the sequence. This is your warm up routine, and you can repeat this until you feel awake, energized and great. 

Then you will move onto the specific Yoga exercises specifically for helping stamina and sexual power.

Chair pose 

This pose is great for strengthening the legs and the backside and bringing blood flow to the lower body. Good circulation to the lower body is essential for maintaining an erection and for the sex drive. 

1. Start by standing up straight in mountain pose. The chest is lifted and the shoulders are back. The breath is deep and relaxed. 

2. Now bend the knees and come close to the ground. Squeeze the thigh muscles together. 

3. Lift the arms above the head. Keep the chest lifted and breathe deeply but freely. 

4. Tuck the pelvis and reach with the arms. Feel the muscles in your arms and legs. Stay in the pose for 10 breaths (inhale and exhale). You will feel it in your butt muscles and thighs. Keep your arms and legs strong and chest lifted throughout and make sure you keep the breath moving freely. To deepen the pose and the positive effects, lift and spread your toes. This will activate additional muscles and in turn increase circulation to an even greater extent.

Reclined butterfly pose 

Reclined butterfly pose
Reclined butterfly pose

The reclined butterfly pose is great for loosening up the hips and the inner thighs. This increases the circulation, relieves tension and prevents soreness from doing other exercises (such as the above “chair pose”), 

1. Lay down on the back. 

2. Bring the feet together with the knees bent, close to the chest. 

3. Hold onto the feet and keep the tailbone down. Breathe deeply in and out. Stay in this pose for ten or more breaths inhaling and exhaling deeply but freely.

High lunge pose 

High lunge pose
High lunge pose

This pose stretches out the groin, the legs and strengthens the lower body. All of these effects are beneficial in the bedroom. 

1. Start out on your hands and knees on your Yoga mat. 

2. Put your right foot in front of the left and extend the back leg and strengthen the back of the knee of the extended leg so that the back of the left leg is strong.

 3. Steady yourself, inhale and rise up with the upper body. Make sure the right knee is tracked over the ankle. Exhale and relax. 

4. Then inhale and raise your arms above your head. Breathe deeply and stay here for five breaths. 

5. Repeat on the other side. 

The high lunge pose is also a great pose to incorporate into the Yoga flow mentioned previously.

Goddess pose 

Goddess pose
Goddess pose

To make your partner feel like a goddess, try this pose. It strengthens the abs, legs, butt and rest of the lower body. It also facilitates balance and inner calm. 

1. Start out in mountain pose (standing straight). 

2. Then separate the legs and bend down low with the feet wide apart. 3. Sink the hips down so they are at the same height as the knees. 

4. Stretch the arms out and then bend the elbows with the hands up, palms facing forward and fingers separated. Make sure your ab muscles are engaged to protect your back. 

5. Stay in this pose breathing deeply for 10 breaths.

Downward facing dog knee to nose pose 

Downward facing dog knee to nose pose

This pose is dynamic and active. You can repeat it many times to engage the ab muscles and loosen up the hips. 

1. Start out in downward facing dog (the hands and feet on the floor with the hips up in the air so the body forms an upside down V). 

2. Then raise your right leg up with the foot pushing up toward the ceiling while inhaling. Keep the hips squared. 

3. Next, exhale and bring the leg in toward the chest, aiming toward the nose. Contract your abdominals. 

4. Inhale and stretch the leg out behind you once more and exhale and bring your knee toward your nose once again. Repeat and switch sides.

Corpse pose 

Corpse pose
Corpse pose

This pose is an inactive one, but it teaches calm and self-control. This is essential for building the intimacy aspect of sex. Just as the active Yoga poses could be thought of as similar to the active aspect of love-making from the perspective of the man, the resting corpse pose could be thought of as the “cuddling” afterward. After sex, you lay in the embrace of your partner. 

After Yoga, you lay quietly in the embrace of the entire universe, so to speak. It teaches you to lay still and not fidget distractedly or make nervous jerking movements which can interrupt what would otherwise be a bonding moment to bring you closer to your partner. 

1. Lie on your back on your Yoga mat. 

2. Relax totally. Allow your feet to turn out. Your arms are outstretched with the palms up toward the sky. Simply allow yourself to be. Imagine the stress and the tension slipping away. Relax your toes, then relax your whole foot, then your ankles, your calves and up the entire legs. Then relax the rest of your body. Lie relaxed on your Yoga mat, just allowing your breath to come and go as it will. Observe and relax. Lie very still and simply exist. 

Corpse pose is the perfect way to end a Yoga session. You can stay in the pose as long as you wish and meditate or simply relax. It is a great way to de-stress, clear the mind and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. 

Yoga is about the breath, so make sure you perform all of the exercises while breathing deeply. The movements follow the breath. Increased breath means increased blood flow and awareness. You will need awareness to control the ejaculation. Mentally train yourself to delay ejaculation. 

As you are on the brink of orgasm, visualize your life force moving back into the body and use your muscles to control this. Even if it takes practice for you to fully achieve this, you will be well on your way to mastering this and having better orgasms that are felt by the whole body. You will be able to delay ejaculation so you can bring more pleasure to your partner. You can concentrate on enjoying every part of your partner’s body.

Chapter 2: Yoga to Improve Sex for Women Sex is an activity that takes place on many levels. 

You feel for a person on an emotional level, on a physical level, and may feel a spiritual connection as well. Making love will enforce these bonds if done in a sensitive way. To make sex more enjoyable for yourself and for your partner, there are some exercises to try. 

As spirituality is about opening to the divine within, sex is also about letting yourself feel, letting yourself go into intimacy and affection. 

If you are a beginner to Yoga, you will want to buy a Yoga mat or use another type of exercise mat. Wear comfortable clothes that are form-fitting but not too tight. You will want to avoid clothes that are too loose since they can make certain poses and movements more difficult.

Cat-cow poses 

Cat-cow poses
Cat-cow poses

A great sequence to start out your Yoga practice is the cat-cow pose. It will warm up the back, the hips and keep the breath flowing. 

1. Begin on your hands and knees. 

2. Inhale and move forward over the hands with the upper body. Let the shoulders relax. 

3. Exhale and round the spine, letting the head drop to the floor and the tailbone down. 

4. Repeat. Let the breath be strong. You can also move back and forth from side to side when in the inhale. Follow the breath and do what feels good. This is a great way to warm up the body for Yoga, and for sex later. It can feel quite sensual and is an excellent warm up for just about any type of physical activity. 

From the cat-cow sequence, do a series of sun salutations, an exercise which consists of Yoga poses one after the other in a flow. It is great for both men and women to build up stamina, body awareness and strength that improve sex and general well-being.

Sun Salutation 

Sun Salutation
Sun Salutation

1. Begin in mountain pose. This is where you stand straight and tall with the shoulders lifted and back. The sternum is lifted. The breath is easy and full. Inhale and raise the arms. 

2. Swan dive forward as you exhale and let the arms follow. Then inhale and look forward with the fingertips resting on the floor. Exhale and let yourself go in this forward fold. 

3. Then inhale and step back into plank pose (a raised push up pose). 4. Exhale and slowly lower yourself to the ground. 

5. Inhale and raise your upper body, moving from the core. Raise the head to face upward very last. 

6. Exhale and move into downward facing dog pose, which consists of raising the hips up as high as you can with the feet and the hands pressing into the Yoga mat so that the body forms an upside down “V” shape. Stay in downward facing dog pose for five breaths. 

7. Then inhale and walk the feet up to the hands. Then finish the inhale by looking forward. 

8. Exhale in forward bend. 

9. From forward bend, inhale and come up, moving from the waist and drawing power from the core. The arms finish over the head. 

10. Exhale and come into prayer pose, with the hands together in front of the heart. 

11. Repeat the sun salutation 10 times, or do the traditional 108 cycles for immense power and energy. This way you are sure to build your perseverance and strength.

Bound angle pose 

Bound angle pose
Bound angle pose

The next pose makes creative sex positions comfortable and easy. It stretches out the thighs and hips. 

1. Sit on your Yoga mat with your legs stretched out in front of you. 2. Inhale and exhale and bring the feet close to your hips. 

3. Then drop the knees so they are out to the sides. 

4. Hold the feet for stability and breathe deeply for ten or more breaths. You can deepen this pose by gently bending forward. Don’t force it, but let yourself go with the breath. You will get a nice stretch for the back as well.

Child’s Pose 

Child’s Pose
Child’s Pose

A good pose to just relax and come to the present moment is child’s pose. It brings awareness into the body, and how you feel. This will allow you to experience sex in a more profound way and to also be able to communicate what you need, since you will be better aware of it yourself. 

1. Kneel on the floor and spread your knees wide with the big toes still touching. 2. Inhale and sit up straight. 

3. On the exhale, bend forward and extend your arms out in front of you. Let your head touch the mat. Inhale and exhale in this pose as long as you like.

Legs stretched out pose 

This next pose is simple yet effective. You will stretch out your muscles, relieve tension and open up the hips. 

1. Sit on your Yoga mat. Open the legs up so that you feel a stretch but it’s still comfortable to sit. 

2. Inhale and raise your arms above your head. 

3. Exhale and stretch forward. Let your head bow forward. Inhale and exhale here for five breaths.

Corpse pose 

This is an essential Yoga pose, and one that teaches the practitioner to let go. It’s important to just be able to totally let go of all worry, inhibition and stress to come into the present moment and be able to enjoy sex. 

1. Lie down on your back on your Yoga mat. Close your eyes and simply let the feet turn out if it’s comfortable. 

2. The arms rest by the sides with the palms facing the sky. Just let the breath come and go, and observe your thoughts without becoming attached to them. Imagine all stress just leaving your body with each exhalation. Stay here for as long as you like. Meditate, or just relax.

Tips on Using Yoga to Improve Sex 

Use Yoga to heighten your awareness of your body. When you are in poses, pay attention to how you feel. Send your senses to each part of your body and take note of how it feels. Notice what parts of the body feel tight, what is more open, and what feels weaker or stronger. 

Be sure to breathe deeply, and imagine energy circulating throughout your entire body. Then later on, when having sex, also take note of how each part of your body feels, not just the genitals. 

Express to your partner what you would like touched. Use your heightened awareness to imagine how your partner would like to be touched and ask your partner if he doesn’t express this directly. If you don’t want to “spoil” the moment by talking (some people are very opposed to speaking during sex) use your intuition and awareness to take note of what your partner responds to the most and best. 

Let your inhibitions fall away, like you let stress melt away when doing Yoga. The calm and centered feeling you cultivate while practicing Yoga also can be applied while having sex. Be aware of your body; be in your body and in the moment. This way you will get to know what you really enjoy and what you perhaps enjoy less.

Chapter 3: Yoga for Men and Women to Improve Sex Sex is experienced differently for men and women.

 For men, it is about maintain stamina, and for women more about letting go, but both of these elements are important for both partners. 

A man needs to let go of his inhibitions to get into the moment, as does a woman. A woman needs stamina to enjoy sex as much as her partner does. A weak body does not enjoy sex. Strengthening the body, mind and spirit using Yoga and other physical activities primes people for wanting to enjoy what they can do in the bedroom. 

Flexibility might seem more necessary for women to possess than men, and indeed many creative sexual positions might demand that the woman stretch out in unusual ways where limbering up through Yoga is a distinct advantage. However, if a man stretches out his muscles, he will improve circulation in the body, particularly the lower body, and thus will have blood flow where he needs it, when he needs it. 

Also, thrusting motions require a good back, strong muscles and a relaxed mind to carry it through with ease and agility. Both partners can benefit from exercises geared at one or the other. However, here we will discuss some exercises that are especially good for both men and women and end with a tantric meditation for lovers to do together.

Shoulder stand pose 

Shoulder stand pose

1. Lie on the floor on your back. 

2. Bring the legs up straight on the inhale and then let the upper body rise off the mat so that just the shoulders and upper back are still on the floor. 

3. Support your back with your hands. You may also use a wall to keep your legs straight and provide support if need be. Breathe deeply and keep the legs raised. This is excellent for improving circulation to the pelvis. Some claim it can even relieve more extreme sexual malfunctions. Try it if your libido is especially low or you have impotence problems. 

Bridge Pose 

1. Lie on the floor. 

2. Bring the knees in toward the hips. 

3. Then inhale and slowly raise the pelvis off the floor along with the chest. Try to imagine the chest rising up to the chin. 

4. Stay here, inhale and exhale and repeat five times. It strengthens the butt muscles, the thighs and prepares the body for motions familiar to the sexual act for both men and women.

Plow Pose 

Plow Pose
Plow Pose

Here’s a pose that increases alertness by raising the amount of blood flow to the brain. This will help the practitioner to relax, to be in the moment and enjoy a romp in the sheets. 

1. To do the plow pose, begin by lying on your mat. 

2. Inhale and straighten your legs and raise them into the air. 

3. Then slowly and gently exhale and bring them back behind your head with the toes touching the ground behind you. Stay in this position for five inhales and exhales.

Hamstring Stretch (lying down) 

This is a wonderful way to stretch the leg muscles to become more limber and ready for action. 

1. Lie on your Yoga mat. 

2. Using a Yoga band or a long scarf, place this around the right foot and then stretch the right foot up into the air, perpendicular to the floor. 

3. Inhale and exhale three times and then switch legs.

Legs on the wall pose 

Lie down on the floor and put your legs up against a wall. The support will feel great and circulation will be affected positively. You can try this alternately to end your Yoga routine or finish with corpse pose. 

Tantra Meditation for Lovers 

Osho once said that tantra can turn “ordinary lovers into soul mates”. This heightens intimacy and can turn ordinary sex into mind-blowing sex. A feeling of closeness deepens love-making and makes it that much more of an inspiring event. It can make the orgasm more than just a fleeting feeling of pleasure, and instead turn it into pure bliss. 

True bliss is reached in orgasm due to the mind ceasing its chatter. It slows and essentially turns off. This same bliss is also experienced during the silence reached in truly effective meditation. By connecting sex with meditation, both activities may complement one another in the quest for bliss and transcendence. 

It is said that ecstasy results from aligning with the true core of the being where the chatter of the mind no longer exists. It is not that meditation or sex or any other activity causes the bliss, but that a state of non-mindedness finally has the chance to express itself. Meditation and sex surely help to get there, but they are not indefinitely connected with states of bliss. 

Nonetheless, we can use meditation and sex to get to higher states and as enjoyable activities in and of themselves.

Tantric meditation 

1. The man sits cross-legged on the floor, on a Yoga mat or in bed. 

2. The woman sits on his upper thighs with the legs wrapped around his waist and the ankles crossing behind his back. 

3. The couple gazes into one another’s eyes. 

4. Breathe each other’s breath, and bring your foreheads to touch. To breathe each other’s breath, allow one to inhale while the other exhales, and switch. 

5. Stay like this for ten minutes or more. It’s also possible to have sex this way. The mind should be clear, but if thoughts intrude, simply let them pass by without getting attached to them. Simply look into your partner’s eyes and become lost in them. Allow your thoughts to disappear. This aligns the chakras. The position is called Yab Yum. It provides the chance for truly cosmic orgasm and new levels of intimacy never before experienced. You may begin to feel closer to your partner than ever before as this is a very powerful exercise. If you are looking to increase intimacy and improve sex, this might just be the perfect way to do that.


What people need in this fast-paced modern world is to come back into the body and have awareness of it. They need to find a place of peace, calm and awareness that will allow them to enjoy their bodies and that of their partners. They can thus come closer to their own true nature and possibly also find a sense of spirituality. All of this helps to dissolve stress, live better and enjoy better connections with other people. 

Sex is about more than just pleasuring the genitals, it is about pleasuring the whole body, all of the senses and even moving beyond the senses to experience a whole new level of intimacy. Yoga can unlock the door to bring a person further in life in so many aspects and regards. Along with meditation, an open mind and a willingness to improve the self, Yoga can transform you and your world, including your sex life to mind-blowing new heights. 

All of the exercises in this lovedit app can be performed on a daily basis, as often as the practitioner would like. If any pain is experienced, stop doing the exercise and consult a doctor and an experienced Yoga instructor. Other than that, the sky is the limit. May you enjoy your exploration of Yoga, and of better sex with Yoga. Namaste.