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How To Attract A Girl Using Mind Power

Laws Of Attraction For Attracting Women!!!

When you see a girl you like, what goes through your mind?

In other words, are you interested to know that how to attract a girl using mind power .

Do you see her as some girl you can approach, talk to and seduce… Or, do you freeze with the thought of approaching her, happy to admire her from a distance?

Are you the type of guy that goes out every weekend with the intention to meet girls and time and time again you come home empty-handed?

How To Attract A Girl Using Mind Power

Why are there some guys that can meet a girl every weekend, when you can’t?

Here Is Why?

There is a reason why you are not attracting women… You have programmed your mind to achieve the results that you are getting.

Think of your brain as a very sophisticated computer, it runs the programs that you program. Your results are results because of your internal programming.

You program your brain through your thought processes…

Let Me Explain…

Every single second of every single day you are being bombarded by 2 million bits of information. Your nervous system cannot handle all of this information. In fact, it can only analyze 7+ or -2 chunks of information at any given time. This is about 134 bits.

What this means is that in every second you are leaving out a tremendous amount of information and you are not even aware of it. You are only paying attention to a fraction of what is real.

This is how you have programmed yourself. You continually look for the same 7+ or -2 chunks of information.

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Model Of Communication

An Example Of What I Mean…

You are not attracting women because of what you are leaving out. When you see that girl you like, what thoughts flood your consciousness. What is your internal programming? What did your internal voice say to you? Did it saying

• That she is too beautiful for you? or

• Maybe you think she is already in a relationship? or

• Whatever thoughts that flow through your consciousness.

What happened what the pupils of her eyes dilated… Her heart started to pump faster… A bead of sweat formed under the fringe of her flowing hair… Her physiology was screaming to you that she liked you.

Model Of Communication

This was some of the 2 million bits of information that came your way, however, you filtered it to the 7+ or – 2 chunks of information that has become your experience of your life. The experience of your life that she is too beautiful or she is already in a relationship.

Your excuse for not approaching her!!!

What You Focus On Is What You Get.

It is your internal voice that is your programming. This is what you are focusing on. What you focus on is what you get.

If your focus is on excuses as to why you are not attracting women, then this is what you get. This is one of the laws of attraction.

She is too beautiful for you or she is already in a relationship. Your focus is on why she will not be into you. So that is what you get, not to date her. Even though her body language was screaming out to you that she was attracted to you.

Here Is The BIG Secret.

You have chosen what you focus on. Your current situation is a result of all your past thoughts, what you have said to yourself, your internal programming.

This is the good news… If you want to change your future results, all you need to do is to change your focus, what you are thinking about.

The bad news is that you might not even be aware of what you are focusing on. This is because they are rooted in the early learnings of your life.

If your focus is on why you are not attracting women, change your focus as to why you are attracting women.

Where Did Your Internal Programming Come From?

From the age of 0 to 7 you were a learning machine. You soak everything in. Like a sponge soaking up liquid, you didn’t analyze what the liquid was. You just trusted that it was all true…

And this is the problem!!!

Where Did Your Internal Programming Come From?

What you saw around you is what you took to be real. And those you trusted most are the ones that you took the learnings from. You were soaking up everything, from what you saw to what you heard, smelled, tasted and felt.

With all the information that came your way, what did your role models lead you to be true and real? And this came from their perception of reality. Their 7+ or -2 chunks of information.

Just have a look at your first role models. Your parents! What did they teach you about attracting women? If it was your father, did he teach you that attracting women and seducing them was very hard?

Or did your mother teach you that men were only interested in one thing? Are you subconsciously trying to prove this is not the by not attracting women.

Realize that these teachings were more from what you observed as to what you were told.

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As You Got Older

As you got older the learning became hardwired into your system. Like water flowing down a hill, it will cut away at the ground to create a stream. It does this because it is looking for the easiest way down the hill.

And your thought patterns become like the stream, they follow down the path of least resistance. You started to look at the world from the way you had learned to look at it.

As You Got Older

Your thought patterns are just like the water in the stream, it looks for the path of least resistance. You did this till you stopped questioning the information coming from it. And this became your habit.

Habits are an order and sequence of thought processes that you fire off. They are like a finely grooved stream. Once created the next time you are in a similar situation it becomes very easy and convenient to take. Your mind has already been there, so it becomes an easy place to go back to.

This Can Be Changed

If you are not attracting women and you want to do so, then this can be done.

You are able to program your minds so as to give you new choices in the world. You don't have to remain locked in a pre-established way of life. In this website, we will look at various tools you can use to change this.

The majority of your drivers are unconscious. This is the problem. How can you change something that you are unaware of? In other words, if you are unaware that your focus is not attracting women, how can you change this?

What Happens?

There are 2 million bits of information that come your way every second. You are unable to process this information so you delete, distort and generalize it.

Information passes through filters inside of your head. These filters are your attitudes, values, beliefs, memories, decisions, language, and your experience of time, space and energy. This information is filtered, deleted, distorted and generalized to give you your 7+ or -2 chunks of information.

All these filters play a role of what we take in. It determines your results. This becomes your reality.

As information comes in you make in the internal map of reality. This is called an internal representation.

An Example

When you see that girl you like, information comes to you such as

• She is hot

• I like her

• Her eyes are dilating

• Her heart is pumping faster

• A bead of sweat has formed under the fringe of her hair

• And about 2 other million bits of information

You take this information and you put it through filters. One of you filters is your belief filter.

• It is very hard to attract women and seduce them. (This was your teachings from your father.)

• Men are only interested in one thing. (This is your teaching from your mother).

Frequently asked questions

How do you attract someone with your mind?

  • Be Specific about the person whom You Want To Attract.
  • control Your Mind, Thoughts, and Feelings.
  • Remove Personal Obstacles and Align Your Actions. 
  • Believe in your love and Have Faith. 
  • Let Go.

How can I get the attention of people without talking?

You can get the attention of people by wearing nice clothes, light makeup, and a hairstyle that makes you feel great and respect.