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Game of thrones pickup lines

People Love Game Of Thrones, We love too and we collected most funny and cheesy Game Of Throne Pick up Lines and Memes. Enjoy!!!


Are you a servant of the Lord of Light, Rh’llor? Because I’m burning up around you.

Are you a slave to your clothes? Because I’d like to free you from them.

Are you a traitor to the crown? Because I can definitely see you giving head to my pike.

Are you a Warg? Because I bet you’re an animal in the sheets.

Are you my direwolf? Because I can definitely see myself taking over your body.

Are you made of Dragon Glass? Because you’re melting my heart.

Are you a White Walker? Because I want you to have my babies

I may be an Imp, but I never go limp.

I may be king in the north, but I want to be the king of your heart.

I want you to stick me with the pointy end.

I would conquer the seven kingdoms for you.

I’d give you the moon, not the moon door!

I’ll show you my Kama Sutra if you show me your Meereenese Knot.

Are you wildfire, cause I wanna stop drop and roll with you?

Did you erupt from a fire witch’s vagina? Because you’re a total smokeshow.

Did You Know, my penis is made of Valyrian steel.

Did you get sacrificed to the God of Fire? Because you’re smoking!

Did you sit on a lemon cake? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass!

Do you smith Valyrian steel? Because you just gave me one of the hardest swords in the land.

Girl, if you looked anymore like Emilia Clarke, I would be dragon my balls across your face.

Hey, wanna braid my hair?

I am no lady… Let us F**K.

I am the king, so if you don’t go out with me, I’ll kill your dad.

Let’s do it on the wall.

Let’s get Stark naked!

My friends call me the Dancing Teacher, so let me dance you into the bedroom.

The iron throne is mine by right. Will you be mine too?

Winter isn’t the only thing thats coming.

Your body is so hot, it melts my face off.

You smell like trash from Flea Bottom, can I take you out?

You must be part halfwit, because the only thing you’ll be

screaming tonight is my name. And my name is Hodor.

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