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Am I Depressed Or Lazy – These 5 Questions Will Answer Am I Depressed

Am I Depressed Or Lazy 

Am I Depressed Or Lazy
Am I Depressed Or Lazy 

It’s important to ask am I depressed, because investigating the question am I depressed eliminates other possibilities. Life is a journey across mountains and through valleys. Some find it difficult to maintain a positive outlook as they deal with the loss of a loved one, health issues and financial difficulties. These situations can cause extended periods of sadness. You should ask yourself am I depressed if it seems that your journey across harsh terrain never ends.


Am I Depressed Or Just Sad

Most people experience varying degrees of sadness throughout their lives. Am I depressed or just sad is a confusing question for most people, because the terms are frequently interchanged. Sadness is an emotion, but depression is a disorder. A stressful situation can cause deep sadness, but if your feelings intensify and persist for more than a few weeks you are probably experiencing depression. This medical condition erodes your ability to function normally. Sadness may cause feelings of worthlessness, apathy and despair, but these fleeting emotions eventually give away to a balanced view of your situation.


Am I Depressed Or Just Lazy

Am I depressed or just lazy is a question people ask when they lose the energy to perform ordinary tasks. Depression induces mental and physical lethargy. People with depression have persistent feelings of drowsiness, because the disorder causes sleep disturbances. Despite feeling exhausted throughout the day, you may have difficulty sleeping through the night. Some people avoid participating in activities that they are physically or mentally unable to perform. Persistent feelings of overall exhaustion that interfere with your life are abnormal and deserve further investigation.


Am I Depressed Or Bipolar

Am I depressed or bipolar is a good question, because even clinicians have difficult time making an accurate diagnosis. Research indicates that 30% of patients with bipolar disorder are misdiagnosed with depression. The primary distinction between the two conditions is the manic phase that occurs in bipolar disorder. Symptoms of mania include high energy, delusions of self-importance, anger and irritation. Depression is characterized by a persistent state of diminished physical and mental activity. Bipolar disorder fluctuates between the two extremes. A consistent history of diminished physical and mental activity would be more indicative of clinical depression.


Am I Depressed Or Just Stressed

The question am I depressed or just stressed illustrates the stress-depression connection. Your body releases cortisol and other stress hormones to sustain you through a crisis, such as public speech, job promotion, relocation or major illness of a relative. Ongoing stress has a detrimental effect on serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters that safeguard you against depression. You may be “just stressed”, but it can lead to depression if your response to the situation does not change.


Am I Depressed Or Just Bored

You should ask am I depressed or just bored if you realize that things you formerly enjoyed no longer interest you. There is a strong correlation between boredom and clinical depression. Researchers note that depressed children who engage in antisocial behaviors tend to report feelings of boredom. It is also a leading reason for depression in elder care communities.


Asking am I depressed may be the first step on your healing journey.