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Depression in the Workplace

Depression in the workplace

Depression in the workplace can have a devastating effect upon many different areas of a person’s life. People coping with depression in the workplace often struggle in their relationships, work, and social lives. Finding ways to cope with depression can be especially challenging because the symptoms of depression often interfere with an employee’s capability of performing their job duties.


Depression in the Workplace
Depression in the Workplace

When a person is coping with depression in the workplace, there is often an increase in the amount of sick days used and a loss of job productivity. Even when a person dealing with depression is at work, they might have difficulty meeting deadlines, interacting with co-workers, and maintaining a positive outlook towards their job duties.

Although many people struggle with depression in the workplace, there is still often a stigma associated with this illness. This causes many people to be concerned about what might happen should they come forward and reveal that they are struggling with depression. This can also lead some employees to delay seeking treatment.


When things in the workplace change

It wasn’t that many years ago that depression in the workplace wouldn’t of been heard of. Back “then” you got paid in cash with a piece of paper telling you how much you earned , what tax you paid and you were able to go home and put the folding stuff on the table and divide it up to pay any bills. Today we seem to work harder , and no doubt like many others , some earn bonuses so at the end of the week a good income can be been earned.


It is at this point that depression in the workplace can start to set in. After you have earned all this money, all you get is a piece of paper telling you how much you earned, what taxes you paid and any other deductions.  Today all wages are deposited straight into the bank and whilst it is a great idea , it can have a negative side. You see, after you get home and show everyone your piece of paper and the great income that you have just earned, you are suddenly deflated after you are told that the house rent has just come out, an insurance payment also came out and that you need to pay for you children’s school fees tomorrow .


When this situation is repeated weekly, depression in the workplace can set in very easily

I think we all know some one in this sort of situation and if this person has gone through a marriage break up with children involved, then you need to keep an eye out for any signs of depression. If you have a work mate that is going through this situation , and they are starting to show signs of negativity to work, then they may be starting to suffer from depression in the workplace


End Your Depression Book

If you feel that you are getting to that negative stage that you just hate going to work, or you hate your workmates or boss, then you may be starting to suffer from depression in the workplace and you need to seek some advice as to what direction you should take. If it is because of your work environment that is causing you to feel depressed then you may need to look at ways of either addressing the problems at work that are causing your health to deteriorate or look for a change of career before depression in the workplace really kicks in


Whilst changing a career may seem a daunting task, now is the time to try your hand at something totally new, something that can get you all motivated again. whilst you may be either suffering from or just starting to suffer from depression in the workplace, a new challenge could be the easiest cure rather than having to sort out other treatments


It is important that anyone who is affected should remember that depression in the workplace is a treatable illness. There is a combination of treatments available, including medications and therapy that can help an employee to make positive strides in both their personal and professional life. Employers who would like to help their employees who might be struggling with depression can ensure that there are policies in place that are supportive to anyone going through a personal challenge. Teaching employees effective stress management and conflict resolution techniques is one way to help reduce tension that can contribute to depression in the workplace.


Coping with depression


While coping with depression in the workplace can be very challenging, it is important to remember that it is very common. While it may seem as though a person is alone when coping with it, there are many others also going through the same struggle.


Depression in the workplace is treatable. With the right support systems in place, employees with depression in the workplace can still be successful in their chosen professions.

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