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Soccer pickup lines

Pick up Soccer Lover with these funniest Soccer pickup lines. we assure best conversation use these pick up lines at right time :D. Enjoy!!!


I know you love playing soccer, wanna play a soccer lover?

I’m like Arsenal: I’ll stay on top but I’ll finish second.

If you were a soccer ball, I’d never shoot. Because I would always miss you.

Are you Ashley Young? Cause you can dive on me anytime.

Are you David Beckham? Because I’d bend for you.

Baby I can be Spain and you can be Ireland, tonight. In other words, I’m gonna screw you hard!

Can you be Zidane tonight? Because I want some head.

Do you play soccer? Because I think I’m gonna score tonight.

Hey, girl. I bet I can get you excited without even using my hands.

I won’t give you a yellow card if you take off your shirt.

I’m at my best during overtime.

You’re Hotter Than the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

You’re allowed to use your hands in this game.

You know… Soccer players can go for 90 minutes and know 11 different positions…

Wanna see my world cup in action?

Guy: Wanna go out?

Girl: I have a boyfriend.

Guy: It’s just like soccer, just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you cant score.

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