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Are those fangs or are you  just happy to see me?

I turn into an animal in bed. No really, I’m serious.

If i was a vampire i’d bite you.

Your eyes are like my skin, sparkles in the sun.

One hour with me and you’ll be seeing THREE reflections in a mirror.

If I said you have a beautiful corpse, would you hold it against me?

Is that bloodlust I’m sensing — or just lust?

You have permission to enter me anytime.

Do you really remember Cleopatra? (Vampire: “Yes.”) I’ll make you forget her!

You sound English. I can show you a bloody good time.

I’m a 500 year old cougar, And the best you’ll ever have.

Hey girl! Wanna go out for a bite.

I suck. You suck. Let’s make this a party.

You’re like the sun you’re so hot you make my blood boil.

I can really suck the life out of you.

They say my blood is the sweetest.  Wanna find out how the rest me tastes?

Hey big boy, I bet you can stay up all night.

Don’t worry, I won’t impale you…with a stake.

You’re so sexy, you make me want to whip something out — and it’s not a crucifix.

I’m a vampire in the streets, But a real devil in the sheets.

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