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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast

How to get your ex boyfriend back fast

The first step in discovering how to get your ex-boyfriend back is to first take a closer look and discover why the relationship ended.

"A separation can be a step in the love life and it is perfectly possible to get back into history with your ex." If you browse our blog is that you are convinced you have not given everything to your relationship and you are ready to do everything to get your soulmate because you still have a wonderful time to live together. ( in short, after reading an article on how to get your ex boyfriend back fast then read more articles with podcast + videos for free -  more article )

Here's how to get your ex boyfriend back fast

 How to get your ex boyfriend back fast 

What to do immediately after separation

When one says "I want my ex", this means that one is ready to make sacrifices but especially to be self-critical. It is often missed attempt at a reconquest in love and that's why you will initially have to deal with questions from friends and family.

"But why do you want to retry your luck with your ex while you were not happy," "if he/she left you is that nothing will work again" or "why does 'obstinate you to get back together with someone who made you suffer, "and the best for last" if your ex-love you he/she will come back. "

You have been warned, if you plan to find the person who left you,  you will be confronted with such reflections. Hardly anyone will understand your step! Just because your relatives have forgotten how it goes during a heartache.

Your explanations can not convince them but it is quite logical. Not only love is not explained, but in addition, you're still reeling from the separation. Your ideas are so disorganized then to explain to people who somehow do not believe ... No need to waste your time, you have better things to do!

Deep inside you, you know it's the right person, woman, or man for you. But you can not explain. To my mind, there are many reasons why one may wish one day or another to catch mistakes and revive in a new story with her ex and I decided to speak briefly here because it seems to be important.

Taking stock

You are now decided is your ex for you and nobody else! So now you must do everything so he or she comes back to you. The remains idly waiting for a hypothetical return will not advance the Sch MiLB lick (tv show). Recuperer your ex after separation

For amorous conquest, it is important not to waste time but it does not take much to confuse speed with haste. Each action must be well thought out and properly organized is the key to retrieving her husband or wife.

I bounce on what I explained a little earlier when I mentioned what your relatives may think. The famous phrase "if your ex loves you he/she will return" makes absolutely no sense. The latter or the latter will not wake up one morning and send you a text message to say "darling, and began again from scratch." To receive this type of message we have to act, simply because if your ex loved you, he/she would not leave you.

So yes, there are famous words like "but I still love you" or "it's not you it's me" or "you deserve better." I guess you already know but this is only to cut corners or put the forms. Upon separation, your ex rarely will reveal the true reasons for its decision. This one purpose: to keep you because you already suffer enough, so if in addition he/she left a list with all your faults, you can imagine more ...

You do not just have to listen to what was said at the time

the announcement of the break, going even further ...

Why include the separation is essential

The causes of failure are essential for it is they who will set the tone of your conquest of an ex-partner. This is by listing them but also by analyzing you'll be able to better interpret the will of the one who decided to flee. This step is fundamental because you must be able to fully draw the necessary conclusions. For this, you can ask yourself several questions like:

  • Why my ex did not seem happy or happy with me?
  • Are our arguments were too frequent?
  • What reproaches were we?
  • Was the routine as ubiquitous as that?

Of course, there are a whole bunch of other issues to help you learn more about the reasons for the separation, but it would be too long to list everything here and that's why I made the ideal way audio training to understand the separation, taken from one of my lectures to bring you even more support. To find it you can just click here.

This is the first step in regaining and it is fundamental to have clear ideas about the reasons that led your ex to take this difficult decision accordingly. This is what both will determine the result of your actions but it is not everything.

A crucial step to forge ahead

Starting from the advance done to understand the break will also allow you to challenge yourself and do not overlook anything that happened.

Let me explain.

Over time, it often happens that we forget what happened, or that it does more ready attention to certain details, certain acts, or even certain words. By dint of hearing it's as if you do not mind. But for your ex, so is different!

It is possible that he/she did not even take the trouble to mention it's wrong because, by dint of repeated and that there is no change from you, he/she huffed. This type of behavior is symptomatic and often leads to moral exhaustion. That, plus some extra things can be the cause of tensions and eventually cause a break in the couple.

It is now time to interest the person who shared your life, your desires, and your needs.

This will not only let you know what he/she really expected of you, and so can be what he/she is still waiting for you, but also to avoid making the most common mistakes when one wishes to win back your ex.

Feeling better after the break

To start a reconquest, it is imperative to rebuild. For this, I give you the method to show the best possible image to your ex.

Overcoming a loving separation

Implementing measures to win back your ex makes perfect sense when one wishes to get back into a serious story, and this is even imperative as I explained. However, he did not is the only way to proceed. Your mindset will be crucial in all that you undertake. The goal you have set yourself is not exiting in the same type of relationship. You must keep the best and change the worst.

At this time, being emotionally dependent jeopardize your reconquest because your ex needs to see a peaceful person in front of him/her. You have to show your best side, seem especially strong, and show that you can rebuild yourself. For this, you must struggle against your negative feelings and surpass them.

No longer suffer separation

Alongside your actions, you must not consider the separation as the drama of your life. Yes, you can be sad because you have just experienced a painful moment, but the post rupture shock should certainly not weaken you. Keep in mind that you are perfectly able to revive yourself.

Do not think that you just lost your soul mate simply because this is not the case. You lose when a person dies. Mourn his love after death or after separation has nothing to do.

Do you want to know the difference?

In case you can not do anything in the other you have the power to act and change things. So do not suffer breakage and take control of your conquest by applying practical principles that I explain in this special folder and putting in place effective measures to revive the feelings of your ex.

Stop dreaming of your ex.

The subconscious mind is powerful and it works without anyone noticing, in these conditions, it is still possible to change this. If this happens to you is that your former half had much to your eyes and you have to stop thinking of him/her including the day. A force to see him/her in your sleep, it may make you eviler and eviler and he does not especially have to go through this step.

To fill this emotional void, it is necessary to implement several actions such as:

  • Read before sleep
  • Have a night to spend physical activity
  • Play video games or play games on mobile phones because of the slow or stagnant image that your mind will continue to analyze once asleep.
  • Avoiding thinking about your ex, the syndrome we put aside linked to emotional dependency.

Forget your ex

Paradoxically, the fact of wanting to forget your  ex can help you better / it back. The technique of radio silence can rekindle his feelings and if ye do at all for / or recontact the take from him this can work even more effectively.

Attention forgets your ex is not to do everything as if he/she no longer existed but rather to ensure that you did not systematically in your thoughts. If your day is as follows:

I wake up and look at my phone to see if I have received a message or a call from my ex

I'll take my shower thinking about him/her

I remember eating at breakfast he was having coffee

In my car, the song on the radio was a favorite of my ex

The barely started day you are already multiple references to your ex and this may make you suffer more. You must rebuild without him/her as it may paradoxically help you win back his love.

Rebuild after separation

It is essential to rebuild after a break, if only by pride or give the image of a fighter or a fighter. As I often repeat in coaching reconquest before being happy two, think to be being alone. You must practice activities that will make you happy and you will not only feel better but also gain confidence in your abilities. Push your limits consistently.

Gain the confidence to get your ex Imperative!

To recover her ex, an element is fundamental. Unfortunately, this breakup has shaken and you've probably lost over time. It is yet a principle that should govern your life and that is not only related to the separation, the couple's life, or love. It is much more powerful.

If this important element is self-confidence!

With this trait, you can accomplish great things. If instead, you miss, you may leave you walking on permanently and feet including your ex. That would be the worst of situations. Do not under any circumstances accept that it demeans you. This trust will allow you to get up faster and determine the right actions for / to react.

If separation has shattered your beliefs, then you must now put in place actions to find them. The best way to achieve this is to resume sports activities to feel better in your body and your head. Again the results will not be immediate but you will find that over time your progress will be significant.

Coaching also allows you to feel better, so I'll just come back after you explained why go out of his comfort zone to rebuild after a breakup.

Get out of your comfort zone

Married life with your ex has created a phenomenon that must be overcome and as soon as possible. This is routine and habits. You are entangled in some repetitive actions and it did no good.

Regardless of your age and your activity, you have to get out as soon as possible. Few people enjoy having organized days in the same way without new and especially without madness. It's sad and it's sometimes repulsive. If your ex has decided to leave because of your daily routine too, you need to take yourself back and change everything!

It is important for a man or a woman out of her comfort zone and try new things. For this, you can for example:

  • Go eat at a restaurant you've never attended
  • Out in pubs or clubs in fashion
  • Place the motorcycle license
  • You travel to a country you dream of visiting

This type of action can help you feel better about yourself because it really will make you happy.

But do you think that a person in a bathrobe who spends his time behind his phone waiting for a hypothetical SMS from her ex do want? (Yes I like caricature too!). Not really is not it?

Then retype you want and give your ex, of course, come back to you to discuss your vacation, buy the bike of your dreams, I know not what other topic ...

The coaching experience that will change everything!

Finally, to conclude this part of the reconstruction to regain its former, I have to mention the benefit that will change the way you do and let you put the odds on your side.

Coaching to get your ex can help you save valuable time and it is a parameter to be reckoned with in your situation. You will benefit from tips that are fully customized and recommended based on various criteria such as the character of your ex, expectations, and life goals. For how to do a session or to make a reservation simply click here: I want to know more about coaching to get my ex.

But beyond that, you will be able to understand and master all the subtleties of love reconquest thanks to the expert advice of romantic relationships. Getting such a boost completely changes the situation and you will give a new impetus to your actions. Take things in hand and allow yourself the opportunity to succeed that you undertake. You will not regret it as it does your love destiny and now we must act!

What to know before acting

You just break yet you have only one idea in mind back your ex. Your decision is yours and takes you to put yourself in good psychological dispositions. But you can imagine this is not sufficient to reach the person who shared your life and you must therefore ask yourself the right questions.

Recover excitement to know how to act from now on, you need to better analyze your story. In love reconquest, two types of relationships lead to sometimes completely different actions. You must imperatively you place to make the best choice possible and put in place strong gestures!

Both relationships are simply the relationship long and short relationships I also called passionately or PSC thunderbolt. Each possesses its specific characteristics and it is best to please do not use the methods of one if you are in the other category.

Win back your ex after a long relationship

If you are in a long story, you need to mostly follow the principles of classical reconquest. Even those that I develop a bit later in this file but you probably know if you have followed our other articles.

In a relationship that lasted some time, habits have often taken over and this is what you must fight. In short, we must get into the head of your ex for / to react.

Why will win back your ex

You do not need an explanation from anyone, but it is always good to know why we want to establish an action. Aside from the fact that you have feelings (otherwise you would not be here!) There are three parameters to consider.

I do not want to have regrets

In love life and more generally in life itself, there is nothing worse than regret. "If I had known I ...". It is always possible to do otherwise, even after the break but it should be taken properly as I explain a little later.

Returning to regret, care must be taken to avoid because one day or another, they may resurface. Maybe not tomorrow, but in 6 months, 3 years, or in 20 years. To flourish, you must avoid rethinking nostalgia to your ex or history that you have experienced, especially if you consider that you are responsible for choosing your ex to end the relationship or worse yet you decided to leave.

  • My ex was the right person and I realize I now.
  • "We realize the importance of a person when the lost."

This phrase could not be more true and summarizes perfectly the message I want to convey to you. But beware, this can also work in your favor. If your ex has decided to leave you, he/she likely realizes his mistake afterward.

If you realize that the person who shared your life is the one for you, then you must do everything to try to get him back. Everyone can make mistakes in judgment or make dumplings, but must still be able to repair them.

However, it is necessary to ask the right questions and not to engage in a reconquest of a former or ex simply by emotional dependence. On the contrary, if you find yourself in this situation there is nothing worse than to spoil everything. Being obsessed with your ex is not the solution to determining the appropriate action plan because you are not emotionally stable enough to make the best choices. We must not forget our ex but simply step back from the situation.

Find love ... with her ex.

Want to raise with a former or ex is a wise decision!

No, it's not a joke. What allows me to say that?

It takes about a year to build a serious story and make sure to know well his partner but also be on the same wavelength as you regarding commitment. Not necessarily simple ...

Regarding your ex, you've already spent time together and therefore there will be a stage that you can avoid. In addition, it is precisely in the most difficult period because it is the instability which lasts about 2-9 months. This period is relatively complicated because psychologically it is unstable. With your ex, you've already experienced this and so you'll have a little ahead.

Besides, you know perfectly almost for shorter relationships, but you have already put your common, your similar tastes and values that you share.

The seduction phase is far from simple even for people who know how to do it in terms of seduction because nothing says that the relation will leave under better auspices.

Wanting to win back her man or recover his wife has nothing of an easy way as some may think. It's just a choice of the heart.


Once the foundations of its reconquest are put, it's time to get into the thick of it and put in place concrete actions to retrieve your ex. For this there are of course pitfalls that it is important not to fall, questions to ask about love and actions to be favored.

Pleading his former bad idea by excellence!

The first prohibits the reconquest sometimes comes at the time of the announcement of the break. It's stronger than you because you do not control yourself. The announcement was a bombshell like a stab in the heart.

So, your first reaction was to beg your ex. There is nothing dramatic in itself if everything stopped very quickly. We can understand your distress but also your anger because it is a misunderstanding that exists.

So ask yourself another chance, you want to prove you deserve a new chance to prove that you are made for each other. But you face a refusal because you often get that second chance, sometimes without even realizing it. In the mind of your ex that is impossible, the decision is taken and he/she is satisfied that you will never change.

Stop begging and act even better ... Prove that he/she is wrong on the line. You put in will not impact on the contrary it may bring you harm.

Crying in front of your ex

Crying when living an emotional shock of the break is perfectly logical and I guess no one wants you. However, what must be avoided is the phenomenon of depression and turning into a real fountain.

You have better things to do, listen carefully to your ex because he/she will reveal you may be important to the follow-up to your actions.

After the announcement of the separation, it will take more especially to show your emotions. By cons, nothing prevents you from shouting, let speak your emotions and cry when you are alone. sometimes it's a good way to vent his grief and rage to find forward. Make the right choice and take the right path, the one that I present just a little lower ...

Harassing a former or ex remember, the worst of all!

On the day of separation, anger is palpable but nothing happens

The day after the break you chew your rage and you want all the unhappiness in the world to your ex

The second-day anger gave way to sadness

The third lack is too strong, you re-contact your ex

Here is classic post-separation conduct.

Except that when you decide to contact you do not do things by halves! I advised a man who sent more than 80 messages a day to your ex. Now they are reconciled to him and your ex with my instructions, he jokes, but at the time he almost ruin everything. You should know that harassment of a former or ex can contribute to that there is a total failure of communication and this is what can happen to you worse (unless it is your initiative as I will explain later).

Besides, everyone is affected by this symptom as even François Hollande sent messages to his sister Valerie to get it back, as was mentioned in his latest book. In total, more than 25 SMS per day. Mr. President change the way you do and you also dear anonymous readers at the same time!

Insults and threats to your ex.

I hesitated to mention this prohibition to retrieve your ex because I think it is self-evident! But day after day, I see people acting under the influence of anger and failing to master their nerves.

If you want your former partner to finally cut ties with you, you can not take a better way!

Be sensible, keep your cool and powerfully transform your rancor to sublimate and you show that you are the one he needs.


Conventional technical reconquest

Among the classical techniques to conquer her ex, I propose to discover 3 that I think you needed to know more about the other I invite you to browse my website and discover my other articles.

Objective revive the feelings of your ex

The objective of these essential techniques is to revive the feelings of your ex. You go for it sometimes having to use radical methods, I do not hide it cause you to suffer for some time.

But rest assured, when used correctly and in the right order, they achieve fantastic results since you'll be able to recreate emotions deep within your ex and you will touch the heart directly. For this, you will need to use a technique that I have made famous: the Radio Silence, but also the handwritten letter and the mastery of a date with her ex.

Radio silence

Ah, the famous radio silence! Everybody talks but none of my readers nor even other coaches do master! We must recognize that it is extremely subtle and that sometimes use the scheme to implement.

Starting a good radio silence is not simple and if I have helped develop this technique into a true command to win back your ex, it's because I manage to master it to perfection. Some of my coachees have even nicknamed me with a little humor "mister radio silence" !!!

This technique consists of an outline to cut off contact with your ex for a period to be determined in advance or response to events. This with two main objectives.

First, step back to better rebuild after separation but especially to create the missing your ex. This is not because your half decided to break he/she feels absolutely nothing. If your ex was trying to escape her feelings, they will come back at a gallop and it will almost win for you! You only have to drive the nail. To learn more about this process to find an ex, visit the page of the training on the Radio Silence.

The handwritten letter to your ex

Exactly, if you want to rekindle the flame in mind your previous partner or previous partner, sending a letter to your ex is the ultimate process. I've written dozens of articles on this issue because the letter can change everything in the right direction even when you are at rock bottom. I suggest you read this article to learn how to write a perfect letter to your ex.

The appointment with her ex, a key step not to miss

Appointment reconquete , radio silence and the letter to her ex must allow leading to a meeting face to face. Each element in its importance and must advance step by step. This sometimes takes several weeks but it's essential to comply with each of the recommendations. Wanting a rush can question everything.

Having an appointment with her ex is not achieved overnight and before you get there you have to show your credentials. Especially no worries, you can perfectly manage and objective of this moment is primarily to show your efforts and to emphasize the change that you put up.

It is important not to dwell on the past because it has a negative connotation. Insist instead on the future without much you plan either. It must be neutral and play your natural seduction. I realize that this step is quite complex because your emotions are likely to take over and that is to help you prepare in the best way that I have made available an audio program of one hour with a guide full.

Apart from the conventional methods other more specific methods must be used in some cases. It is essential to handle them with care as they work only in a few specific situations.

Specific methods

More specific methods are not any less effective than others. Simply, these recommendations are not appropriate in all situations and it is necessary to use them in case of specific assets. This is particularly the re seduction, the new technique of reverse dependency, or how to retrieve your ex when he/she is already in another relationship just after separation.

Re the seduction of your ex

Ex seduces his re-seduction is the technique I favor just after a rupture in a PSC. Instead of applying an unnecessary radio silence and any inefficient, it is best to keep in touch rather than cutting the last ties.

The reason is simple, if you cut the bridges, you will never see your ex. It is impossible to forget a relationship of 2, 3, or 5 years. But a 4-month history, it is possible to bypass quickly. Never switch off and on the contrary, hold a strong seduction you.

In other cases the PSC, it is equally important to introduce rules to show her chance to seduce her ex again. You have a clear advantage so use it! Indeed, you have a perfect knowledge of the tastes of your ex, use it. Operate your memory to know what she/he liked you and what he/she wanted you to change. If it was your haircut soon take an appointment with the hairdresser. If your ex hated your style, a makeover is needed. Put back your assets before and camouflage your flaws, much like in the first meeting!

reverse dependency

The technique of reverse addiction is one of my favorites and it's not only because I am the cause! She can see how the psychological element is fundamental both in the amorous conquest, but more broadly in the love life.

The principle is quite simple to explain or to understand but it is much more difficult to implement. The reverse dependence is the fact that thanks to the emotional levers, toggle emotional dependency. To sum up, your ex decides to leave you, you give a couple and it is he or she who is addicted and who will try to make amends for leaving you.

This is the end of the reconquest!

Win back your ex in the arms of another person

There are also techniques to retrieve your ex in the arms of another.

When your ex or a next, you tend to worry and panic. This will necessarily lead to hurt and you regret your actions as well. By doing so, you push your ex in the arms of that person who seems so wonderful to him compared to you who are unfortunately anything!

But all that is over now because there is a method to act completely differently. To know it's here.

To summarize, you need to focus only on yourself and your actions and do not pay attention to the next. The reason is, if you think in advance that everything is played when it is not the case, you could do anything.

On the one hand, because your ex has just emerged from a break and it is never easy to draw a line on a story even if it only lasted a few months. Indeed, you took the habits and it will therefore have to be stopped by engaging with someone else and thus rebuild everything.

But above all, it is not said that the new relationship with your ex runs perfectly! You imagine that your old partner is filled and it makes you panic. But there is no reason to make a mountain. Sometimes it happens that the person who has yet decided to return from following another story that had no flavor. That is why I mentioned that separation can become a perfectly simple step during a long love life.

We often mistakenly think that the grass is greener elsewhere, but this is wrong! This simply will hide its flaws and say that we always please. But if the left person adopts the right approach and behaves appropriately, the reconquest is never far away!

However, you must know that all these actions will not be effective if you do not go further ... To get your ex back and especially if you decide to act alone, you have to sublimate you and it goes through how you will manage the separation and achieve overcome the break!

Most frequently asked questions

How do you know if your ex-boyfriend is testing you?

  • he still keeps in touch with you.
  • he tried it on when drunk.
  • he 'joke' about you getting back together.
  • he not dated anyone since you broke up. 
  • he always reminisces about the relationship.
  • he gets jealous if you mention someone new.

What is the best way to get back at someone who broke your heart?

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Is it worth getting revenge on your ex?

not at all, if you going to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend it generally harm your time, self-esteem and you noting get back in return .life is so long remember that if you do not get your love till now then believe me in the corner of the world someone is waiting for you whos love you and you meet him when gods want to, have a wonderful life thank you.