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how to save boyfriend name in contact

How to save boyfriend name in contact

Saving a boyfriend's name in your contact list might seem like a simple task, but for some reasons, you might face difficulties or confusion on how to go about it. Perhaps you're dating for some time now, and you still don’t have his name saved, or you're afraid of losing his number. Well, it’s time to put your worries to rest as we explore various ways to save your boyfriend's name in your contact list.

Why save your boyfriend's name in your contact list?

how to save boyfriend name in contact
how to save boyfriend name in contact

The world is evolving and becoming highly digital, and everything is done on the phone, including communication with loved ones. Saving your boyfriend's number in your contact list will make communication fast and easy. You can easily access his number when you want to chat or call him without having to go through lengthy messages or search for his number on social media. It also shows that you value your relationship and prioritize your partner's connections.

Ways to save your boyfriend's name in your contact list

1. Using his full name

The first thing that comes to mind when saving your boyfriend's name in your contact list is using his full name. If you know your boyfriend's full name, simply type in his name and add his phone number. However, some boyfriends find it annoying when they see their full names on their girlfriends' phones. If this is the case, you can compromise by using his nickname or just his initials.

2. Using a sweet nickname

Having a sweet nickname between partners is a sign of affection and intimacy. When saving your boyfriend's name on your phone, you can spice it up by using a cute nickname that only the two of you know. This could be something special, like 'Babe,' 'Honey,' 'Sweetheart,' or any other name you call him that makes him feel loved. Using a cute nickname creates a bond between partners that no one else can understand.

3. Add emojis

Adding emojis adds color and life to words. Most modern phones come with emojis built-in and can be used to express emotions or feelings. When saving your boyfriend's name, you can include a relevant emoji that represents his personality or your relationship. For instance, a crown emoji could signify that he means the world to you, a heart emoji could show your love for him, or a kiss-face could symbolize your affection towards him.

4. Use a photo

A picture is worth a thousand words, and adding a picture of your boyfriend next to his name can be a great way to remember how he looks and feels. Additionally, it makes your contact list more vibrant, and you'll never forget what he looks like, even when you haven’t seen him in weeks. Choose a clear and quality picture of him and make sure it's not too big to obscure his name.

5. Use his initials

If your boyfriend is the shy type or doesn't like the idea of having his name saved in your phone, you can use his initials instead. Initials might not be as exciting as using a nickname, but it still defines your relationship with him without revealing too much. In fact, using his initials is an excellent way of saving his number for privacy reasons, especially if you use your phone for work and don't want your boss seeing his name when they use your phone.

6. Save his name in a specific category

It’s not uncommon to have hundreds of contacts on your phone, making it challenging to find the right number when you need it. In such situations, it's essential to save your boyfriend's contact under a specific category to make it easier to access him. For example, you can create a category named 'love' or 'bf,' and add his name to it. This way, when you need to reach out to him, you can quickly locate his name with ease.

What is a cute name for boyfriend ?

Best 100 cute name for your boyfriend 

1. Sweetie
2. Honey
3. Babe
4. Teddy bear
5. Lovebug 
6. Snugglepuss
7. Pumpkin 
8. Cupcake 
9. Muffin
10. Buttercup
11. Love muffin
12. Moonbeam 
13. Cuddle bunny 
14. Prince 
15. King 
16. Hero 
17. My sunshine 
18. Baby 
19. Boo bear 
20. Darling 
21. Angel 
22. Snookums 
23. Cutie pie 
24. Heart throb 
25. Teddy
26. Sparky 
27. Mr. Perfect 
28. Beau 
29. Romeo 
30. Superstar 
31. Cookie monster 
32. Hunk 
33. Champ 
34. Lucky 
35. Charming 
36. My love 
37. My heart 
38. Heartbreaker 
39. Dreamboat
40. Stud 
41. Handsome 
42. Baby face 
43. Snuggles 
44. Love dove 
45. Honey bunny 
46. Sugar plum 
47. Treasure 
48. My everything 
49. Sweety pie 
50. Jellybean 
51. My prince 
52. My king 
53. My hero 
54. My sunshine 
55. Baby cakes 
56. Cupid 
57. My soul mate 
58. Love bear 
59. Love muffin 
60. Sweet angel 
61. Honey lips 
62. Love bug 
63. Dream guy 
64. Mr. Right 
65. Sweetheart 
66. Snickerdoodle 
67. My dearest 
68. Prince charming 
69. My sugar 
70. Bright eyes 
71. Gorgeous 
72. Firecracker 
73. My one and only 
74. Snuggle bunny 
75. Romeo 
76. My teddy bear 
77. My cuddle buddy 
78. My heartthrob 
79. My lovey dovey 
80. My sweet love 
81. My pumpkin 
82. My cutie 
83. My morning star 
84. My angel face 
85. My shining star 
86. My heart and soul 
87. My handsome 
88. My lover 
89. My darling boy 
90. My honeybee 
91. My dream guy 
92. My knight in shining armor 
93. My prince charming 
94. My sweet prince 
95. My dear 
96. My sweetie pie 
97. My treasure 
98. My heart’s desire 
99. My magic man 
100. My beau

In conclusion, 

saving your boyfriend's name in your contact list is essential for easy communication and a sign of love and care. There are numerous ways to save his name, from using his full name, a cute nickname, adding emojis, using a photo of him, using his initials, or saving him under a category name. The bottom line is to pick a method that suits your preferences and makes your contact list more attractive. Regardless of how you choose to save his contact, make sure you do it because he deserves to be a priority in your life.