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How To Ask Someone Out Over Text Perfectly

How To Ask Someone Out Over Text Perfectly

Have you ever wondered how to tell someone that you think you like them on chat, and you are interested to know how to ask someone out over text that person that I like? What if this person is a friend? That makes everything more difficult. If this person does not want to go on a date, it could be awkward to hang out with him/her. You also know that this could be embarrassing, and you aren't sure if you want to go through the embarrassment of asking your friend on a date.

How To Ask Someone Out Over Text Perfectly

By texting, asking a friend on a date could be one of the most rewarding things you do. You two already have things in common from the friendship, and there isn't that awkward period of getting to know each other.

Here are a few tips I've put together to help you get through this awkward moment:

  • Be yourself on text. Don't try to be someone just to impress your friend. This person already knows what you are like, and would find it weird if you started acting or texting differently.
  • Be sincere Don't try to joke around when telling someone you like them. Be honest and respectful when asking this person out.
  • Be prepared You don't want to ad-lib off the top of your head what you want out of this relationship. You should have an idea of what you want to express, and how you'll do it.

NEVER (BIG NO) Never Use your friends To tell someone for you.

Just come right out and say it! This is the first and most obvious way of telling someone you like them. Definitely my favorite approach, but it's also a little scary to work up the courage to do this. Don't worry about what will happen, just tell them on that chat and it is easier to do therefore it is less risky.

Never Use your friends To tell someone for you.

But sometimes it's easier to beat around the bush and "test the waters" beforehand.

Let's talk about the different kinds of pick up lines out there. I'm going to talk about a few here, but look for others (good, bad, & corny) at the end.

The Friendly Line lets someone know you're interested, and that you want to get to know them: "Do you have room for another friend in your life?" (This one is kind of simple, maybe cheesy, but it's nice and clean. It's one of the hardest to turn down.)

"I had a bad day and it always makes me feel better to see a beautiful girl smile. Would you smile for me? can you send me your beautiful smile pic"

The Seductive Line. Be careful in choosing this one because it demonstrates a romantic interest and requires a willingness to take a risk. Please be tasteful when delivering this one. 

GIRLS -- you don't want to walk up to a guy with that cheesy line texting him if that's a gun in his pocket. GUYS -- the same thing, don't use disgusting slang words. Just use good judgment and most importantly good taste and you should be fine.

Before texting pickup, I wish you should know about the texting formula 


  • pickup line 
  • simple massage 
  • pickup line

Start the texting while typing simple massage that how your day is going then if you think my texting is going boring then you must use a pickup line, don't use too much pickup line it may be messy

Now you know what to do and what to not do while texting 

  1. Don't take too much time to reply if it is good if you do reply in 2- 10 seconds,
  2. never give a response in one word it makes your texting boring
  3. Having a clear purpose means asking the question regarding what he/she likes and you can use this massage to make your offline dating successful
  4. Use emojis/GIFs/memes because all the people want to laugh
  5. Ask interesting and easy questions.
  6. Flirt according to he or she like

Before texting you must know about the person like what thing that love or what think that hat if you know these types of things then this help you while testing for example if she/he hate dogs then you don't do a single message regarding the dogs or hi/shi like watch movie then you should do many massages regarding the movies and by you can make her or his interest in your texting for longer period of time.

The Offbeat Line. This isn't supposed to make any sense, merely to draw interest in yourself interest from your target by texting. Something like: "I'm looking for an opening line -- do you have any suggestions?" is simple enough, yet offbeat.

The Humorous Line is used to draw a good laugh. You've probably heard many of these, or even gotten them in massages. These ones offer the ones that offer the least possibility of rejection because no one likes to be rejected. These are merely suggestions, and not to be taken as the only way to ask a person out. Here are a few that I've pulled together:

  • "I had a bad day and it always makes me feel better to see a beautiful girl smile. Would you smile for me? and please send your smile pic"
  • "Your smile lit up the room so I had to come over."
  • "Before I came to texting to you, only God and I knew what I was going to say. But now that I'm standing here, only He knows."

This one is only for girls and uses at offline. Guys can't pull this off without complication. Check his jacket label. When he wonders what you're doing: "I was checking to see if you were made in heaven." you a drink, but I'd be jealous of the glass."

  • "If I could rework the alphabet I'd put "I" next to "U"."
  • "Can I have directions?" [to where] "To your heart."
  • If someone asks why you want to go out with them, respond: "Because the alternative is unthinkable."
  • "If I could be one thing in the world, I would be a tear born in your eyes, living on your cheek, and dying on your lips."
  • "Are you OKAY?!? That fall from heaven must've hurt!"
  • "God may have made all men equal, but he made you without equal."
  • "Are your feet tired, because you keep running through my mind?"

"Excuse me, do you have a quarter I could borrow? I promised my mother I'd call her as soon as I met the girl of my dreams."


  • "Excuse me, do you have a quarter I could borrow? I want to call your mother and thank her."
  • Offer a single rose with: "I wanted to show this rose true beauty."
  • "My phone is hot here, or is it just your profile?"
  • "Levis should pay you royalties."
  • "What would you do if I kissed you right now through your mobile?"

Last but not least, the "never-us'em" lines, here for pure fun. I am not responsible for hazards, physical or other, related to the actual application of the following lines:

  • "Would you like gin and platonic, or scotch and sofa?"
  • "I miss my teddy bear. Would you sleep with me?"
  • "I'm interested in breakfast with you. Shall I call or nudge?"
  • "Are those mirrors on your pants, cause I can see myself in them?"
  • "I like your outfit on your profile pic. It'd look great on the floor in my apartment."
  • "My name is _____. (That's so you know what to scream.)."
  • "You cost how much?"
  • "The word is legs. Let's go to my place and spread the word."
  • [Grab his/her trust.] "Pardon me, is this seat taken?"

or you may send an interesting long massage on a dating or chatting app and also you can read out this massage and you can use them while asking to get out on a call.

  • Good morning, are you free for lunch or dinner with me?
  • How’s your day going? Would you like to have dinner?
  • I hope your today is going amazing. Would you like to meet for coffee or breakfast in the morning?
  • I’m so proud of you for ( write any achievement of him/his ) and can’t wait to see you. Let’s go out and celebrate! 
  • I’ve wanted to talk to you, let’s get together for dinner or a party.
  • I enjoy talking and texting with you and would like to take you out.
  • I have an extra ticket to that movie you like to see. where should I pick you up?
  • Today I want dinner with you because I read where somewhere that if you do dinner with a beautiful girl/boy you fulfill your all wishes.
  • My family is getting together this weekend. I’d love it if you’d join me.
  • I like every muscle in your body, especially mine.

after texting pickup line and getting a good response like her/him to massage back after your pickup lines, getting what you asking on texting and smile emoji then its time to ask, for asking you may simply ask, “Would you like to meet for a date?” on text if you get the message yes then you need to be ready for a date so you must read regarding dating advice for man and women and you get on LovedIt app for free.

if the person you are texting could not say yes or say " NO " then you do not pressure him/her for getting out over text because it there chances to get blocked you.

you may be asking in a different way like, "please do you have any plans for later this week? that where we can enjoy believe i am thrust worthy person” it is your responsibility to make trust to the person for getting good responses. if still he or she does not agree then you must became his or her friend make trust, show as a responsible person and then ash after some weeks it may be helpful and best of luck

Here is a summary on how to ask someone out over text article and make your notes!

  • Be yourself on text don't do fake massages
  • Be prepared about what to be text on texting 
  • use pick up lines, Seductive Line, and  Humorous Line
  • use existing formula 
  • PTP = p -pickup line s- simple massage p- pickup line . if your texting is going boring then you must use a pickup line
  • Don't take too much time to reply
  • never give a response in one word
  • Have a clear purpose
  • Use emojis/GIFs/memes
  • Ask interesting and easy questions.
  • Flirt according hi or she like
  • Flirt according to he or she like
  • before texting, you must know about the person and do massage according to that
  •  end end of the texting if you get a good response that directly asks for “Would you like to meet for a date?”
  • if he or she says no then you do not pressure him/her for getting out over text asking in a different way like, "please do you have any plans for later this week?
  • if still nothing happens then firstly became his or her friend offline and then ask

Frequently asked questions

how to ask someone out over text in a cute way?

  • Text innocent messages, that mention above in the article.
  • Write a romantic poem on chat, you can copy it from google.
  • Tell him/her that I want a person for my life and I found it!
  • send a gift offline ( your choice ).
  • ask to watch a romantic movie.

When should you stop texting a girl or boy?

  • If he/she sends one-word replies more than 5 
  • If he/she  replies with an emoji only and don't show inters in texting
  • If he/she takes several hours to reply to you back. 
  • If he/she  ignores you in public
  • You are asking the questions and you cant get an answer.

How do I ask my crush out without being rejected?

Just follow the things mentioned in the article above but be sure while texting and try to meet offline.

How to ask someone out through text?

Follow all the things that are written in this article blindly, and I wish you great success.