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How To Attract A Woman Who Is Not Interested In You

How to attract a woman

For men, attraction is pretty easy but how to attract a woman who is not interested then is tougher. If a woman is beautiful and nice to us, it often doesn’t take much more than that. But we already know about what we’re attracted to. The big question mark is, what are these women attracted to?

 How To Attract A Woman Who Is Not Interested In You

How do we attract women?

Sometimes, from our observation, it seems that women are just like “jerks”; guys who don’t seem to give these women the respect or attention that we may think a relationship merits. jerk mean a contemptibly foolish person and  Some of these guys might even seem to treat these girls downright awful in our eyes. So these observations beg the question, what is it about these guys that women are drawn to? What are women after?


So let’s take a moment to look at these “jerks”, as we tend to call them; these rough around the edges type of guys who seem to, not only just get women in spite of this, but who seem to actually be assisted in their dating life because of this. How on Earth does that work? Why does it work?

How do we attract women?

How women see “the jerk”: To women, he’s not a jerk at all. And frankly, maybe we shouldn’t see these guys as jerks either. As far as the woman is concerned, this is a man. And yes, he may have character flaws, the woman may not always enjoy what he says or what he does, but she gets reassurance out of him knowing what he wants and pursuing what he wants. Let’s face it; even with the most brutish of desires and intentions, a man who knows what he wants and goes after it without shame or apologies, is a man who gets what he wants if any man ever does. This translates into qualities like success and power.

What women like so much about these men is the sheer ‘take it or leave it’ approach they bring to the table. These men do not ‘need’ their women. And really, that’s what the women find so irresistible about them. They know this man is not dependent upon them for validation, or anything else. They may even see these men as more honest because they won’t bother protecting a woman’s feelings to an inconvenient level because if she doesn’t like it, she is free to go. This man will decide what he wants and go get it, whether she is there to cheer him on or not, or even whether she approves or not.


Why is this attractive to women?: As mentioned before, these qualities all translate into someone who is very self-assured, someone who is their own authority in their lives. A man who looks to someone else for guidance or approval is giving his power to someone else. If a woman is looking for a man, she will not be the type who gives away their power in this way.

The real secret of these so-called “jerks” is that they simply know what they want and are not ashamed to make it clear and pursue it. This is called self-acceptance and confidence, and women love and admire those qualities even more than men do.

Don’t mimic the real jerks, but definitely take a lesson from them!

Humor: Guys all love comedy, and so do girls. A good sense of humor can go a very long way with women because it conveys so many great qualities about someone. What is humor? More importantly right now, what do women see in humor?


One huge thing to women that humor conveys, is you’re not taking the situation overly seriously. If you are taking the time to have fun and be funny, you are not overly focused on an ulterior motive. This puts women at rest. They wouldn’t mind a hook up just like any guy does, but they want to know that you trying to get a date, trying to get a phone number, or trying to get sex is not your number one priority in life, and humor does demonstrate that you’re relaxed and you’re not in a hurry.

Humor is a demonstration of qualities that are important to our society and culture. And thankfully, it’s also incredibly entertaining when done well. Try to think of what qualities you need in order to be consistently ‘funny’. You need

  • An abstract mind
  • A quick wit
  • A dash of charisma or charm
  • An expressive nature
  • Some degree of confidence

These are all qualities that people tend to admire because they are all qualities that help your life in society. It also is a demonstration that you are not afraid to express yourself, even when what you express might not be understood properly. Those are the more subconscious implications; the most well-understood reason comedy is so attractive is that we all enjoy laughing and entertainment.


Is power or success attractive? Why would it be?: The simple answer is, YES, women are drawn to power and success. This is not necessarily because they are gold diggers by nature; not even close. Power is the ability to change your environment, it’s the ability to make things happen, and success is the byproduct of applying power; it’s what you get done with your power and ability. Women admire this, not so much because they are licking their chops thinking of how they can get something out of you (though some of them do, surely), but more because they have a good idea of what kind of person it takes to make things happen, and they admire that kind of person greatly.


It takes a very determined person, a person who is truly comfortable with their own wants and needs, to be willing to go out in the world, make some ripples, and possibly even step on a few toes to make sure they accomplish their goals. Women find this incredibly sexy because a man who can do these things surely will not be swayed off his track easily. He’s comfortable with himself enough to get out there and not take no for an answer, because he knows that no one else has any more right to their goals and dreams as he has to his own. He does not need someone else’s approval when he knows that someone else is just another person with their own wants, dreams, and goals that might conflict with his own. So he does what he pleases, and he tries his best to do it well. When a man sees himself as his own authority, who will make him change his mind or doubt? This really all just points to a strong-willed, steady, determined and reliable man.


A man who decides upon something and sees it through is a man who can supply women with an endless stream of interesting experiences. Please notice, it doesn’t take money to create new experiences, just like power has a much broader definition than ‘getting money, and power is the ability to affect your environment. If someone can create some new experiences for these women, they are excited at the prospect. The woman didn’t have to figure everything out and arrange it, or to struggle to accomplish whatever task needed to be done for this experience to occur, or to even exercise the imagination to come up with the idea in the first place.

This is not to say women are lazy; far from it. It is only to say that they often feel most comfortable in a reactionary role. Women enjoy being a part of something else and giving some of themselves to whoever that person, or whatever that cause, maybe. When they have a man around with some gravity to him, some pull otherwise known as attraction, women will gladly orbit whatever path he sets around himself for them to follow and soak up as much of his light and warmth as they can. When they are pulled in by this gravity, this attraction, this is all they expect, and it’s all they want. They just want you to be what you are, and do what you do.


This, again, is confidence. Our Sun does not ask the Earth permission to pull it around itself and to keep the Earth in orbit. It’s just what it does, and the Earth teems with life and beauty because of it. That is the kind of relationship women want from men. They want to follow your lead and shine in your presence. Is that a bit heavy for you? Ok, we’ll move on.

Physical beauty: 

As men, it’s rare to see a young woman who takes good care of her body that is not at least mildly physically attractive. To women, the same is true of men. As usual, there is the instinctive element, which is just that a good-looking guy in good shape is ‘hot’, but what your look communicates about the qualities you possess is a big thing to women. What qualities does it take to keep yourself looking good?

  1. Exercise: A man who can manage his schedule enough to take time out of the day for nothing but himself, to make sure his body is healthy, attractive, and strong.
  2. Grooming: He makes sure he looks his best; this is a man who demonstrates he is aware of the pull of physical attraction and beauty, showing himself to be sexually aware.
  3. Hygiene: Dental hygiene, trimming excessive body hair, clean ears, clean and trimmed fingernails, trim out that old nostril and ear hair, etc. That’s a man who has his whole body prepared for intimacy.
  4. Style: It not only shows that the man has an eye for the artistic (remember that abstract mind from the comedy section?), but that he is in tune with trends which is very important to succeeding in society.

Please make a note that very few, if any, women are thinking this as they admire your appearance. However, whether they are directly thinking it or not, these things do have subtle impacts on perception. Call it the subconscious if you need to pin it on something.

So when you put these things together, what does a well-put-together appearance communicate to a woman? You have self-respect and take care of your person, you are healthy and strong, and you have attention to detail. Really, if you look your best, it is just a demonstration that you are being your best. This all combines into an irresistible cocktail that will attract women.



Let’s break it down to its simplest essence and what this all means for you. Women are attracted to men, and there is a wide variety of men and women. If you be the best version of the man you want to be, communicate in your life that you are that man, and believe you are that man, you will attract women who also think that you are what a man should be!


These concepts of attraction are just the tip of the iceberg. Creating that vibe of “attraction” with women comes down to who you are as a man.

If you are not becoming the kind of man you are deep down inside, you will be seen by women as just another “average guy” and she will not have any attraction for you while she sleeps with all the other “jerks” who just don't even care about her.

You can figure it out for yourself and learn by trial and error- but that might take you years. OR you can save yourself some time and read our “Be The Man She’ll Love (and you’ll love too)” today – and learn today how to become the attractive man women lust over.

It may seem like a small thing to do, but it could change forever the way women are attracted to you and it will shed years off your learning curve to become the powerful man that is within your inner core. 

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Frequently asked questions

How can I attract a woman instantly?

  • Be altruistic.
  • Use metaphorical compliments. 
  • Look directly at someone and smile.
  • Wear red. 
  • Modify your walk.
  • Nod your head.
  • Adopt an expansive posture.

In short what makes a woman attracted to a man?


What attracts a woman to a man physically?

  • narrow waist
  • a V-shaped torso
  • and broad shoulders
  • taller than they are
  •  a high degree of facial symmetry
  •  masculine facial dimorphism.

How do you trigger emotional attraction to a woman?

  • Give Attention. 
  • Make Eye Contact. 
  • Enjoy The Superficial Stuff Later.
  • Turn Your Shared Interests Into Shared Experiences.
  • Don't Play It Safe When It Comes To Talking About Yourself.