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How To Get A Girlfriend Fast and Easily

How To Get A Girlfriend 

You either don’t have a girlfriend or don’t have a relationship that’s giving you what you need. So let’s fix this, and let’s fix how to get a girlfriend right now.


First, be aware of your feelings. Why do you want a girlfriend? There is nothing wrong with wanting a girlfriend, but if you are approaching it as a needy individual, you will have one hell of an uphill battle. Prefer a girlfriend, but never need one. Take a minute to think of why you want a girlfriend. Do you just really want sex? Do you enjoy a woman’s company, whether sex is a factor or not? Do you just feel like you’re supposed to have one because everyone else does? Are you seeking a deep and meaningful relationship? Whatever your reason, know it well and own it. But it’s got to be authentic. It’s got to be your reason.

How To Get A Girlfriend Fast and Easily 

If you just want some girl, any girl, in your life, you’ll just end up learning a very long and hard lesson about what you don’t want. If you know what you’re all about (see “Confidence”), it shouldn’t be a stretch to figure out what you’re looking for in a woman. So really, take time to understand what you’re after. If you don’t have a really clear picture of what you’re after, then maybe it’s alright to just go out and experience being around some different girls to help you get a feel for what you like and don’t like. No shame in that.

Now there’s a big difference between meeting women and getting a girlfriend. Meeting women is covered in another section. So let’s say you have met someone, by just being you, going where you want to go, doing what you want to do, and just enjoying yourself in general. This is a much bigger factor in getting the right kind of girl for you because when you are doing all of the above, you are in your element, and by being in the places where you can do what you like doing, you will meet women who are doing the same and likely share your interests. You’re at your best and so are they, which is exactly when you want to meet a girl.

This is an important point to drive home with you before you even think about approaching a woman. How you begin with her is how you will end with her. And I don’t just mean that one time you talk to her. When you first approach her, you set the tone for the rest of your relationship with her, whatever that may be. If you know that, the rest will come much easier.

With that in mind, let’s do some multiple choice.


  • A) A wealthy benefactor who purchases everything for her
  • B) A chauffeur who drives her everywhere
  • C) A handyman who fixes everything for her
  • D) Her lover
  • E) A psychotherapist

Alright guys, take as much time as you need. Need a hint? Which one do you want to be? Which one of these roles would you prefer to play, over and over, with this girl? Whatever that answer is, you need to be that before you even start talking. You need to know that’s what you are to her, even before that is established. You are the man, you are the instigator; you establish this role between her and you.

If the girl is single and the more that you hang out with her, the more you like her, there is a really good chance she will feel the same. If you like her more and more every time you hang out, she is probably showing you who she is. And it would only make sense that if you are the kind of person who likes what kind of person she is, that she would be the kind of person to like who you are. Easy, right? Makes perfect sense.

Now if this isn’t how it is, there could be a few things going on. First, maybe she is being somewhat artificial because she is worried about whether or not you like her (this is a common thing guys do, but guys, girls will do this too on occasion!). If you think this could be the case, you can help her loosen up by letting her see you more “vulnerable”. Be willing to go out on a limb when expressing yourself. Tell her something that maybe you wouldn’t ordinarily discuss; an embarrassing moment, a slight weakness you feel you are struggling with, or otherwise, just make a real effort to draw out some natural, authentic expression from her. Try to make sure she’s comfortable around you and is willing to relax and let her guard down a bit.



Maybe it’s actually still you who isn’t being truly authentic. If you are feeling more and more drawn to her but she doesn’t seem all that excited about you, perhaps you haven’t shown her enough of your true self to get her all that interested. Only you know if this is happening, but if things feel a bit cloudy and you’re not sure if you’re doing this or not, there’s a fair chance you are. This is the kind of thing that, if you’re not worried about ‘losing her’, you will be as natural as you can be and you won’t even have to ask yourself if you are being ‘real’ or not. So if you feel like you’re starting to worry about if a woman is into you or not, you’re starting to lose the real you, and she wants the real you. If you don’t show it to her, she’s out the door anyway, so what do you have to lose? Just be real with her. But before you do that, make sure to read the “Confidence” section, to make sure you are showing her the ‘real you.

The other, and most obvious option, is that she just isn’t into you. At times, even if you are a good guy, expressing yourself honestly and bringing a lot to the table, they just don’t feel it, even if you do. And if so, that’s okay. Be willing to accept this as a possibility. At this point, you need to decide if you value being around her enough to settle for just being her friend. If that’s not what you want, there is no shame in making that clear and moving on. This isn’t being ‘selfish’. This is living your life.



If you play your cards well, you won’t have to even worry about this horror-film-status “friend zone”. This usually happens because a friendship is what you originally brought to the table, so it’s what she’s come to expect. And as much as womenswear is adaptable, they are not nearly as adaptable as men in this regard. Once you are a “friend”, you pretty much need to kill lions with your bare hands and be a secret agent if they would ever have a chance of seeing you differently. And even then, they would probably just brag to another guy they’re attracted to how awesome their “friend” is. So do yourself a favor, and just never let it get there in the first place. Ever.

How do you prevent that from happening? If you want to get a girlfriend, just don’t approach her as someone looking for a “friend”. Your tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language will convey your intent far more than your words ever will.

If you are trying to start out as a “friend” to “trick” her, it’s the #1 worst idea you can have.

Here’s what that communicates to her:

You didn’t have the balls to just be comfortable with your intent and be straight with her.

You are starting the relationship in a predatory fashion; you’re trying to figure out how to ‘catch’ her instead of allowing her to be drawn in by you, which is what she wants.

Girls can smell this stuff from a mile away; they often know what you’re after before you even open your mouth. That being said, they already know you don’t have balls and are acting like a predator if you tried to hide your intentions. Major buzzkill and you barely even introduced yourself.

If they didn’t pick up on it and they think you are just being a nice, friendly guy, well congratulations. You now have a “friend”.

You are a man with his own interesting life to live and you are attracted to her. Live your life, and if she likes what she sees, she will be glad to share little bits, or maybe even a lot, of that life with you. But if you don’t want to be only her friend, then don’t only be her friend.

Your life is about you, so do as you please. Don’t worry much about what she wants; if she wants something that's glaringly different than what you want out of life, you approached the wrong girl for you anyway. But on a lighter note, and to demonstrate this principle, try this.



Instead of asking a girl if you can take her to her favorite restaurant, tell her you are going to your favorite restaurant, and invite her to come with you. This isn’t to say not to care about what she likes or not; far from it. It’s only to say that you are living your life, and she can either be a part of what you’re doing or not. No hard feelings, no strings attached. If you’re bored to the death of your favorite restaurant, maybe you’re in the mood for something new. If that be the case, then why not ask her what new place she would recommend for food because you want to try something different. Invite her to come and help you pick out the really good stuff that the restaurant serves.

If you plan on making your favorite food at home on any given day, tell her you’re making something really good, and invite her to join you if you want company. If she says no, still make that meal, still eat that meal, and still enjoy it. Tell her afterward how amazing it was, and rub it in her face that she missed out if that’s your style. Do you understand? It was never all about her; this is what you’re doing anyway. If it’s a movie you want to see, tell her when you’re going and invite her to come with you. If she says no, go see the movie, and tell her how great it was. Any guy can set up a special date. Very few guys live the lifestyle that makes it all happen, where a girl knows all she needs to do is hop into your world for a minute and she can enjoy all these things that most guys have to plan and schedule. Do you see the power in this to get a girlfriend?

Now when it comes to dinner and movies, well, these are pretty cliche at this point in human civilization. Not to say you shouldn’t do dinner or movies, but just that dates can be far more fun and interesting, and even cheaper. There will be another article to discuss great ideas and tips for the actual dates, now that you have a girl to accompany you on one.



These concepts of getting a girlfriend are just the tip of the iceberg. Creating that vibe of “attraction” with women so she sees you as her lover and boyfriend comes down to who you are as a man.

If you are not becoming the kind of man you are deep down inside, you will be seen by women as just another “average guy” and she will not have any attraction for you and will not become your girlfriend. She may become your friend, but NOT your girlfriend.

You can figure it out for yourself and learn by trial and error- but that might take you years. OR you can save yourself some time and read our “Be The Man She’ll Love (and you’ll love too)” today – and learn today how to become the attractive man women are looking for in a boyfriend.

It may seem like a small thing to do, but it could change forever the way women are attracted to you and it will shed years off your learning curve to become the powerful man that is within your inner core.. so check it out here:

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Frequently asked questions

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Use online dating apps, social media websites and approach the girl in massage box by using perfect lines

How can I get a girlfriend easily?

  • be attractive
  •  be deep 
  • down inside 
  • be funny and now approach the girl

how to get a girlfriend in middle school (link)

  • Try to look at her a lot but caerfully .
  • Don't be nervous when you talk to her! 
  • Don't be pushy - wait until she is ready. 
  • Don't be scared of rejection. 
  • Don't show off all the time.
  • Don't ignore her. 
  • Don't fight in front of the person you like because she will walk away.