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Mastering the Art of Passing Shit-Tests: Successfully Navigate the Challenges Thrown by Women

How to pass shit test

Navigating the colorful world of dating can often feel like stepping into a minefield, filled with unexpected challenges and obstacles. One frequent challenge that both men and women face is the famous "shit-test." A shit test refers to a situation where a girl (or anyone, really) intentionally throws subtle challenges or tests at a potential partner to gauge their confidence, resilience, and overall compatibility. In this article, we will explore effective strategies on how to pass shit test providing you with examples to understand these complex scenarios.

Understanding the Shit Test, know how to pass shit test

To conquer the shit tests, it's important to first understand their true nature. It may seem counterintuitive, but a shit test is a positive sign that the girl is interested in you and genuinely wants to know if you're the right fit. These tests are usually aimed at examining your confidence, wit, and emotional intelligence, rather than seeking to humiliate or jeopardize your potential relationship.

How to pass shit test
How to pass shit test

Strategies to Pass the Shit-Tests:

1. Confidently Maintain Your Frame:

When subjected to a shit test, it's crucial to stay calm and maintain your composure. Displaying a strong and unaffected demeanor communicates a high level of confidence, which can be incredibly attractive. For instance, if a girl comments on your appearance negatively, respond with a genuine smile and casually shrug it off, highlighting that others' opinions don't affect your confidence.


Her: "You're not really my type. Your style is a bit off."

You: *Smiling* "That's alright, I dress for myself and my comfort. Works just fine."

2. Respond with Humor:

Using humor effectively can often disarm any uncomfortable situation, converting an awkward moment into a playful dynamic. Showcasing your ability to laugh at yourself and diffuse tension can act as a powerful tool to pass a shit test.


Her: "You seem like the type who would flirt with any girl you meet."

You: *Smirking* "That would be exhausting, trust me. Besides, I save my charm for someone special."

3. Maintain a Playful Banter:

Engaging in a lighthearted and witty exchange can demonstrate your ability to handle challenges gracefully. By playfully challenging her back, you showcase your quick thinking and willingness to engage in stimulating conversations.


Her: "So, what makes you think you're different from all the other guys?"

You: *Teasingly* "Ah, now that's for you to find out. Maybe I'm a secret superhero disguised as an average Joe."

4. Show Genuine Empathy:

Shit tests often serve as a means to identify how empathetic and understanding you are. By showing genuine empathy without being overly sensitive, you demonstrate your emotional intelligence and ability to deeply connect with others.


Her: "I bet you wouldn't understand what it's like to be in my shoes."

You: *Sincerely* "I may not know your exact experiences, but I'm here to listen and learn. Sharing is key to understanding each other better."

5. Aspect, Amplify, and Laugh - 

If your girlfriend says something to you that you don't like, just accept it and respond with a sentence that will make her laugh.


Her: Your white jacket is too bad. I don't like it.

You: You're right, this white jacket is not the best. I don't know why I wore it. I don't have enough money for a good jacket, so if you give me some, I can buy a better one and look handsome.

Her: You are too short.

You: Oh yeah, I'm short because of my genes. You queen won't talk to me if I'm not tall. I guess I'll have to talk to you in my next life when I've grown taller. LOL

Watch this to master the test

This are also some new ways to pass shit test 

1. Ignore It:

One of the simplest yet effective ways to pass a shit test is to disregard it completely. By staying unfazed and not taking her words personally, you exhibit a strong sense of self-confidence. For instance, if a girl playfully belittles your choice of clothing, simply laugh it off and change the subject. This response shows that her opinion holds no power over your self-worth.

2. Own Who You Are:

Rather than succumbing to self-doubt or trying to prove yourself, embrace your unique qualities. By confidently acknowledging and embracing your quirks and imperfections, you convey an authentic sense of self. For instance, if a girl tests your taste in music, respond with pride in your eclectic music taste, explaining why it resonates with you.

3. Shame Her:

When a girl throws a shit test, consider flipping the script by responding with playful banter. Playful but light-hearted teasing can show your ability to handle these situations with humor and confidence. For example, if she jokingly says, "Are you always this slow?" you can respond playfully with, "Well, I was trying to match your pace, but you seem to be light years ahead!"

4. Use "Collaborative Shaming":

This strategy involves playfully teaming up with the woman to mock or tease others, creating a sense of camaraderie between you both. Collaborative shaming demonstrates shared values and a bond, further enhancing your connection. For instance, if she playfully criticizes someone's fashion choice, join in the banter by adding, "Oh, come on, we both know that combination is a crime against fashion!"

5. Own Her Accusation:

Instead of defending yourself or becoming defensive when facing an accusation, own it and respond confidently. This unexpected response can disorient the tester, potentially leading to a deeper conversation. For example, if she playfully accuses you of being a heartbreaker, respond with a smirk, saying, "Well, maybe I've got a few broken hearts in my past, but I believe in second chances."

6. Put Your Foot Down:

In some cases, a girl might intentionally test your boundaries to see if you can assert yourself. When faced with such a situation, it's important to stand your ground respectfully. By demonstrating that you have non-negotiable values and boundaries, you display strength and self-respect, earning her admiration and trust.

7. Turn It Back On Her:

Rather than directly responding to a test, creatively turn the tables by playfully challenging her instead. This shows your ability to hold your ground and engage in light-hearted banter. For instance, if she jokingly says, "Can you even cook?" respond with a smile, saying, "Well, I might just surprise you. How about a cook-off?"

8. Let Her Have It:

Occasionally, a girl might throw a particularly challenging shit test. In these situations, it can be effective to provide a direct, assertive response while maintaining your composure. This approach signifies your ability to handle tough situations and communicate openly. Keep in mind, that delivering your response with respect and empathy is crucial.

9. Turn the Power Tables: Test Her!

As a confident individual, you can also initiate tests yourself. By gently playfully challenging her, you encourage her to showcase her personality, values, and response to challenges. This mutual exchange creates a deeper sense of connection and reveals compatibility.

10. Learn to Embrace Awkwardness:

Lastly, embracing awkward moments and learning to laugh them off can be a powerful tool. By displaying your ability to handle uncomfortable situations with ease and grace, you demonstrate emotional resilience and security in yourself.

Shit-tests are not meant to discourage or intimidate you, but rather to establish a genuine connection based on trust and compatibility. By understanding their purpose and implementing these strategies, you can successfully navigate through these challenges and strengthen your bond with potential partners. Remember, passing a shit test involves being confident, maintaining a sense of humor, engaging in playful banter, and displaying genuine empathy. Embrace these tests as opportunities for growth and self-improvement, which will ultimately lead you to meaningful and fulfilling relationships.