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how to save relationship from social media

Prevent distractions and neglect caused by social media's influence

Social media has become an integral part of many people's lives, allowing us to connect and communicate with others on a global scale,therefore you have to know how to save relationship from social media. However, the influence of social media can sometimes lead to distractions and neglect within our relationships. It is crucial to establish ground rules and maintain healthy boundaries to prevent these issues from arising and know how to save relationship from social media.

how to save relationship from social media
how to save relationship from social media

How to save relationship from social media

1. Choose "married" as your relationship status: 

One of the first steps to protect your marriage on social media is to clearly declare your status as married. This lets the world know that you are in a committed relationship and deters potential inappropriate advances.

2. Claim your spouse on Facebook: 

Connect your Facebook profile to your spouse's profile, clearly indicating your commitment to each other. This provides a visual representation of your relationship and discourages any ambiguity.

3. Share your passwords with your partner: 

Establish trust and transparency in your relationship by sharing your social media passwords with your spouse. This promotes open communication and eliminates any suspicion or secrecy.

4. Refrain from airing your dirty 

laundry on social media: Avoid using social media as a platform to vent or criticize your partner. Sharing personal conflicts publicly undermines the intimacy and trust within your relationship.

5. Be mindful of what you post: 

Consider how your posts, pictures, and videos may make your partner feel. Avoid sharing content that might make them uncomfortable or question your loyalty.

6. Choose your friends wisely: 

Be cautious about who you connect with on social media. Avoid friending or engaging in inappropriate relationships with ex-partners or individuals who may pose a threat to your marriage.

7. Avoid oversharing: 

Resist the temptation to post every detail of your life on social media. Not everything needs to be shared with the public, especially intimate aspects of your relationship.

8. Do not flirt with others on social media: 

Flirting with individuals outside of your relationship, whether online or offline, can be a slippery slope. It is essential to maintain respect and loyalty towards your partner.

9. Defriend anyone who crosses boundaries: 

If someone on social media engages in inappropriate behavior or makes you uncomfortable, immediately remove them from your connections. This protects your relationship and shows your commitment to your partner.

10. Post pictures of you and your spouse: 

Share pictures of you and your partner on your social media profiles. This not only shows your love and commitment, but it also reminds others that you are already taken.

11. Comment on your spouse's posts: 

Interact with your partner's posts, engage in conversations, and show interest in what they share. It demonstrates your support and strengthens your bond.

12. Think before you post: 

Before posting anything on social media, consider the potential impact it may have on your reputation and your marriage. If in doubt, it is better to refrain from posting.

By following these ground rules, you know how to save relationship from social mediaand  you can prevent distractions and neglect caused by social media's influence. Establishing healthy boundaries and prioritizing your relationship over virtual connections will help you maintain a strong and fulfilling partnership. Remember, open communication and mutual respect are essential in navigating the digital world while preserving the integrity of your relationship.


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