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How To Use Body Language To Attract Women

How To Use Body Language To Attract Women

Most people don’t realize it but body language tells all about you before you even open your mouth? Did you know that about 90 percent of human communication is done through the body and its gestures? If you’re a man who doesn’t know how to bring women to him through body language then you’re going to be very behind those men who know how to use their bodies to get what they want. You certainly don’t need to be challenged in this way if you want to get the woman of your dreams.

 How To Use Body Language To Attract Women

It has been shown that women are 10 times better at reading body language than men. Because you communicate so much with your body language, it is crucial that know the right type of signals to send out that will give you the results you want with women.

So what exactly is body language?

So what exactly is body language?

It is the language of the human body. It is the way you hold yourself, carry yourself, what gestures you use, how you speak, how you walk, how you sit, basically how you move within your world.

Now that we know what it is, let’s find out how we can use our body language to attract women.

First, take in the fact that women are hardwired to respond powerfully to men who are in control, confident, dominant, and capable. When you first communicate with a woman, especially with an attractive woman that you are interested in, every single one of these traits will come up and become extremely easy for her to spot.

If you are fidgeting, if your eyes are darting around, or if your posture is slumped she’ll be able to tell in a split second how you measure up.  And if you don’t measure up, she will automatically slot you in the “friends zone” and not by choice!

So what kind of body language does a strong, confident, and dominant man have?

It is the kind that reveals to everyone around him that he is comfortable within his surroundings almost as if he himself owns the place.

He is relaxed, his movements are slow, controlled, and calculated. He walks in a masculine, graceful manner, adding a slight swagger. His posture is one of a champion, chest up, shoulders back. Not quick to respond to stimulus. He maintains eye contact, seeing everyone he comes into contact with as his equal.

He takes up space, his body language is “open”, arms to the side, legs apart. He leans back since he knows others will lean towards him. Not too eager to please.

Most importantly he is comfortable entering a woman’s space. Not in a weird, needy way but one of strength and composure which ultimately makes the woman comfortable in his presence.

Are you ready to utilize magic… the magic of your body language to attract women to you? If so, then you need to understand that there are three things that can help you use your body language to attract women. Apply them today and see what kind of results you get.

Three bonus Tips To Using Your Body Language To Attract Women

Tip 1 – Remove The Timid Gestures

When you’re out in public next, be sure you watch how other men communicate with their bodies. Their body language will tell you what kind of personality they have.  Do you notice any fidgeting or indecisive movements? Do they look anxiously around or have a slumped posture? If so, then this body language is telling you they are not so confident in themselves.

What kind of body language will attract a woman? You can certainly say that any man who feels nervous or comes off with nervous body language will not get the girl. Women like a man who is self-assured and knows what he wants. That means you need to observe what they are doing and not make the same mistake yourself.

Tip 2 – Start Taking Up Space

Have you ever watched other men and noticed how much space they take up compared to when men who are not confident in themselves? Confident men don’t make room for other people or dodge questions. They can use their body language to attract women by showing how self-assured they are in themselves and their life.  Women are very attracted to dominant, poised men.

How do you know confident men? They’re the ones who make slow, decisive moves and look as if they know what they’re going to do one minute to the next. Need some ideas? Consider watching movie stars and watch their body language to give you some pointers.

Tip 3 – Get Into Her Space

Another way to use your body language to attract women is to use it when you’re implanting yourself in her personal space while you talk to her. What does this mean? No, it doesn’t mean getting right in her face; it means showing her that you have no problem being near her and even touching her lightly on the hands or shoulders.

Get Into Her Space

It’s amazing the amount of confidence you can show to someone by touching them on the hand, doing hip checks or patting them on the shoulders. Anything flirty that you can do can show a woman that you’re interested… all through your body language. Bear in mind that if you’re first getting together, you should lay off this touchy feely bit until you learn a bit more about her.  You can break the ice by touching personal items that she has such as cell phone or jewelry; anything she may be carrying will count.

This is the kind of nonverbal communication that women respond to, this is how you use your body language to attract women.

So how can you take advantage of this?

Studies have shown that the way the body moves influences the mind. When you move your body in a masculine, confident manner, it begins to affect how you feel. You’ll instantly feel more powerful and confident. The more you do it, the more affirmation your mind receives.

Practice using this body language to attract women, as life experience makes it easier to benefit when you’re trying to actually win a date. Always watch how someone reacts to you when you use body language. As time passes on, you’ll feel more comfortable and be confident in yourself that you’re able to use body language to attract women.

Frequently asked questions

How do you physically attract a woman?

  • Look for the universal signals of flirtation.
  • Present yourself as high status.
  • Grow your beard.
  • Build muscle like an athlete, not a bodybuilder
  • Be a kind and genuine person.
  • Wear red/black.

What are signs of female attraction?

  • She smiles when see you.
  • She usually looks away when you make eye contact with her.
  • She engages eye contact with you.
  • She licks her lips softly while looking at you.

How do you know if a girl secretly likes you?

  • She Often Makes An Eye-Contact.
  • she Keeps On Questioning You about anything. 
  • she Shares You Everything. 
  • She Wants To meet You anytime and anywhere.
  • lots of Calls And Texts without any reason.