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How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend Faster

How to turn a friend into a girlfriend

How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend Faster
How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend Faster

So you have this girl as a friend and you are just crazy about her. When you guys are together you always have a great time. The problem is you guys are just friends. And you want more.

So how to turn a friend into a girlfriend?

The Problem

Your problem is that she doesn't see you as a handsome being, she sees you just as a friend. In her mind, you are just a nice guy. You just don't excite her that way!!!

In this article, we are going to get deep into her psychology, we are going to change the script. Rather than chasing her, we will get her to chase us.

Step 1: Become Exciting.

Become Exciting

The way to go about turning her from a friend into a girlfriend is you have to start to excite her. And the way you go about doing this is by becoming exciting yourself. Start to do things that you love, things that you are passionate about, things that make you feel alive.

You need to communicate to her that you have an exciting life. You don’t need to wait for time to pass, you just start letting her know. Even if you are not yet living the exciting life you want, you need to let her think in her mind that you are living this exciting life. (See tip 1 below)

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Step 2: Let Her Know You Have a Life Away From Her.

Next time she asks you if you want to hang out, tell her you are busy. You don't tell her what you are doing, just let her know that you are busy.

Women are curious creatures and she will start to get curious. You're starting to arouse her curiosity. And when you start to arouse her curiosity she starts to wonder more about you. She is spending more time thinking about you. In her mind, you are becoming more exciting.

Step 3: Don’t Tell Her What You Are Doing… Build Intrigue!

This is very important!!! If you tell her that you are going clubbing, she knows what you are doing. Game over, she doesn’t spend time thinking about you, about what you are up to. She might want to come along, but she will see you as a nice guy. She will continue to be just your friend.

Build-in some mystery. Things like, it’s a secret, or it’s on a need to know basis, etc… Say this with a mischievous smile on your face.

If she wants to know who you are going out with, even better…

You are going with a new friend. Full stop! Don’t let her know if it’s with a girl or a guy. And yes, you can even tell her this whole story if you are not going clubbing…

Step 4: She Will Be Dying To Know What You Got Up To, Keep The Mystery!!!

The next time you talk, your female friend will be dying to know what you got up to.

You let her know that you had an awesome night and you are a little tired because you were up late, you were up all night.

The more you arouse the curiosity of more she's going to start to wonder about you. This is a good thing and this is what you want to do.

Step 5: Find Time To Go Out With Her?

Find Time To Go Out With Her?

The next time she asks you out, let her know that your friendship is important to you. Since you are busy, you will find some time to fit her in.

People want what they can’t have.

Just look at a small child with his toys. As soon as you want to play with a toy that she has long since given up on, this toy becomes the greatest toy since sliced toast.

If she thinks that you don’t have time for her, she will want you more!!!

Step 6: Stop Being The Nice Guy, Be Exciting.

When you are out, start to have playful fun. Tease her. If she is bitchy, call her on it. Take control, act confident. Have an edge on you.

If she starts to bring up other guys, divert the conversation away from this topic. This is why she is your friend and not your girlfriend.


Step 7: Seduce Her

Seduce Her

If you have followed these steps her curiosity has been aroused. She has already spent more time thinking about you. She is finding you more exciting. She does not want to be your friend, she is now thinking of you as a girlfriend.

You have to go for it because if you let it slip it will be even harder next time. It gets harder for her to see you as anything other than a friend.

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A Few Tips!!!

Tip 1: You don’t have to do the exciting stuff: Just let her think that you are doing it.

It is best to do the exciting stuff because then you become congruent, however, if she wants to catch up on Friday night and you have nothing to do, tell her that you are busy. Even if you are staying home and watching football.

Tip 2: People assume the worst. 

If she does not know what you are doing, she will assume the worst. In other words, she will assume you are having fun with another woman. And she won’t like this. It will eat at her, she needs to know.

This is why you don’t let her know what you are getting up to. Be aloof.

The more she wants to know, the more leverage you have. For instance, I’ll tell you next time we are together.

Tip 3: Flake on her:

 If she hasn’t responded to you the first few times, it’s time to take it up a notch. Next time you are meant to meet her, flake on her. Ring her up 20 minutes late and tell her you can’t make it, something came up. Again, don’t tell her what it is, just that something came up. If she needs to know, then it is on a need-to-know basis.

Final Thoughts

How To Turn Your Friend Into Your Lover ,Some of you are scared of losing her friendship. Stop kidding yourself, in every relationship someone wants someone more than the other. Right now you want her more than she wants you and it’s killing you. She has all the power, she knows is and she loves it. You are just there to build her ego, her Mr. Nice guy.

Man up, go for it!!! And if it doesn’t work, that is cool. Better find out now than down the track. Having her as a friend is eating you up anyway, best to let her go and move on with your life. But the next girl you meet, make her your girlfriend and not your friend.

Frequently asked questions

How do you know if your female friend is in love with you?

  • She flirts with you.
  • She takes interest in your life. 
  • She finds opportunities to touch you.
  • She mirrors your body postures. 
  • She communicates her feelings through body language. 
  • She smiles more when you are around. 
  • She never likes to see you with other women.

How do you know if a girl has Friend zoned you?

  • You contact her to organize drinks or dinner and she invites your entire friendship group along. 
  • She's more than happy for you to see her in a gym kit and no make-up. 
  • She rings you regularly 'just for a chat 

How do you impress a girl who has Friend zoned you?

  • Face Reality. 
  • Work On Yourself. 
  • Meet Other People. Target: Get her jealous.
  • Next Stop: Flirtation. Target: Get Inside Her Head. 
  • Level Upgrade: Your smartness. Target: Get Her Fantasizing. 
  • Swoop In.