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Anger And Depression – 7 Hot Tips To dealing with anger and depression

Anger And Depression

Anger and depression appear unrelated, but anger and depression reflect your inability to handle overwhelming situations and experiences. Some experts say that each represents different sides of a single coin. Anger becomes the riff that you can’t get out of your head. Uncontrolled anger directed at yourself or others is one of the most prevalent symptoms of depression. Anger is a lethal weapon. Your gender determines how you wield it. Anger and depression feed upon each other and devour their host.


Anger And Depression

Anger And Depression In Women

Most societies teach girls and women that angry women are undesirable, unreasonable and unprofessional. Women are reluctant to express their anger, because they believe that it hurts people and relationships. Most minimize their concerns in an attempt to avoid a confrontation. Anger and depression in women is directed inward with self-destructive behaviors, such as obesity, bulimia and anorexia. Unbridled anger can be just as destructive as pent-up anger. Experts say that women must overcome years of societal training and find healthy ways to express their anger. This will enable you to communicate your concerns, release your emotions and find positive solutions to your problems.


Anger And Depression During Pregnancy

Anger and depression during pregnancy is surprising to many people, because conventional wisdom states that pregnancy is one of the most joyous events in a woman’s life. Anger is the proverbial tip of the depression iceberg. It is fed by stress, seismic hormonal changes, sleep disturbances and financial concerns. These factors can overwhelm your capacity to handle the challenges. Physical and mental exhaustion jeopardizes the health of the expectant mother and her baby. Women must seek treatment to avoid low birth weights, premature births and other prenatal and delivery complications.


Anger And Depression Medication

The anger and depression medication most commonly prescribed is an antidepressant, because anger is a common indicator of clinical depression. Your health care practitioner will start you on a low to moderate dose of the medication and take approximately one month to gauge the effectiveness. Each time your clinician changes the dose or the medication, it will take about a month to determine your therapeutic response. The use of antidepressants during pregnancy carries some risk, but the overall incidence of birth defects and other complications is relatively low. Your physician will also recommend a substance abuse treatment program and relaxation techniques.


Anger And Depression In Men

Men with depression exhibit classic symptoms of depression, but they also display some warning signs that do not appear in women. Men are taught not to cry or discuss their fears. Anger is one of the few acceptable emotional outlets for a man. Anger and depression in men is channeled outward as aggressiveness, criminal activity, gambling, reckless driving and sex. Some men immerse themselves in work or sports. Others anesthetize their concerns with alcohol and illicit drugs. The psychological wounds that shaped an angry boy give rise to an angry man who ultimately inflicts the same emotional wounds upon strangers and those who he promised to protect.


You must find positive ways to manage your stress or your response will be anger and depression.

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