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How To Fix Relationship Problems With Miracle Formula

How To Fix Relationship Problems With Miracle Formula

Are you struggling in your relationship? Desperate, even?

Do you notice that your relationship problems always revolve around the same old issues and it seems that we’re always searching for the ultimate answer?

How To Fix Relationship Problems

Moving from one relationship to the next, the partner changes, but the questions remain the same.

To some extent, they’re never fully answered, simply because people are different and humans are emotional beings. When it comes to relationships, logic doesn’t work.

I don’t intend to show you a way to solve all specific relationship problems; they’re endless. The same question is different in different relationships. But I want to help you with my own experiences and knowledge. So, if you listen a little closer, you might be able to extract the meaning behind the words.

Your Precious Past Relationship Experiences

Your Precious Past Relationship Experiences

Your own previous relationship experiences are the first-hand real-world knowledge that will help you work out your current relationship. Don’t neglect and waste them. They’re more vivid than any theory and they can help you to understand your situation fully.

You never lose anything or anybody; rather, you gain experiences. They’re treasures.

Do you learn from your previous relationships? I do and I try to avoid replicating the failures, however, I realize that relationships are more complicated than we think at first. It’s not a leisure recreation, but a learning curve.

Do we interpret our previous relationships in the “right” way? Unfortunately, we all see things differently. A negative thinker may not reach a positive conclusion from his previous experiences.

When you cannot think straight, you need guidance.

The formula that Helps You to fix relationship problems

Learning about temperaments is the first step to using your precious past experiences positively, helping you understand yourself and others, and solving current relationship problems that relate to temperaments.

There’re thousands of relationship books that mention temperaments if you search on Amazon. Many are similar. Reading too many will confuse you. I’ll save you time by sharing the one that inspired me to create this blog. It not only helped me solve my own relationship confusions but also made me capable of helping others.

It’s called “Please Understand Me II” by David Keirsey (American psychologist)

If you don’t really get the essence of the temperament theory, the book will be yet another personality book that only entertains you in the short term.

However, once you grasp its core, you will find the life path in front of you suddenly broadening, becoming a boulevard. The theory is almost a magic formula that solves relationship problems.

Everyone knows Myers Briggs (presently indicator), but it’s David Keirsey who points out why some relationships don’t work.

We communicate in two fundamental “languages”: “abstract language” and “concrete language”. Abstract thinkers talk about the invisible ideas, while concrete thinkers talk about the things in front of their eyes.

If you read this far, then you are an abstract thinker, because only an abstract thinker will be interested enough to read this article written in abstract language naturally by me, an abstract thinker.

Does this answer your question why you and your partner are having relationship problems?

What Does the Future Hold?

You have read the book “Please understand me II”, (affiliate link ) related to your precious past experiences, and learned about the temperament interpretation “magic formula”. These are scientific and logical approaches that will help solve your relationship problems.

Now you have one more question left on your mind: What does the future of your relationship hold?

I am into dream analysis and hand psychology. Yes, we can also approach relationship problems in an intuitive way that science and logic may not be able to reach or explain.

I try to note down my dreams the first thing in the morning when I wake up because they tend to be forgotten a few minutes later, especially the detail. Then I would research the meanings of the symbols in my dreams.

Sometimes I’m amazed by the dreams’ interpretations. The meanings differ from the obvious ones because dream symbols have very different meanings from their literal ones. It’s really a combination of science and art, more complicated than just temperaments. It’s so fascinating that I am thinking of trying a clairvoyant reading online.

My Own Clairvoyant Talents

As an intuitive person myself, I have subconsciously foretold a few future events. It is frightening when you have a vision, but it is real and I want to explore this side of myself a little more.

I have to believe that other people also have visions and it seems that such visionaries have different abilities. I can feel a personal future event using my sixth sense or I have to be there in advance to feel a future event that’s not directly related to me, and the premonition happens randomly. In other words, I cannot foretell the future deliberately.

I believe that some other visionaries can foretell the future deliberately. If they practice their clairvoyant skills, they might be able to see the future through their five senses.

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Summaries - How To Fix Relationship Problems

Interpreting your past experiences negatively, reading many confusing books, and listening to the wrong clairvoyant are all as bad as dating the wrong person.

You need to interpret your past relationships positively, find that one book that will help you to learn about people’s temperaments, and you need to find the right clairvoyant to give you spiritual guidance.

It never hurts to ask for a referral and if you try an online reading, it never hurts to check out the customer rating and review. Last, but by no means least, you should only pursue the idea of a clairvoyant if you are really ready to know your future.

I myself would prefer to know only one aspect of it, rather than everything. It’s interesting to have something to expect, but it’s important to have most of my future life remain mysterious to me.

Frequently Question's Answers

How do you fix a struggling relationship?
  • Take full responsibility ,at your fault. 
  • Allow your partner to win your trust back. 
  • Practice radical transparency. 
  • Seek professional help. 

How can I make my relationship healthy again?
  • Keep expectations realistic. 
  • Talk with each other. Communication is essential to healthy relationships.
  • Be flexible. 
  • Take care of yourself, too. 
  • Be dependable.
  • Fight fair. 
  • Be affirming. 
  • Keep your life balanced.

How do you know if your relationship is worth saving?
  • Your partner won't give up on you.
  • You can be vulnerable with them.
  • You both understand that we're all just human.
  • You still care.
  • You're still best friends.