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How To Fix A Broken Relationship With Your Boyfriend

How To Fix A Broken Relationship With Your Boyfriend

If you have started to notice a distance between you and your boyfriend then it could be a sign that all isn’t well with the relationship and you want to know that how to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend but there could be many reasons for this, including the fact that you have both changed since you got together. If you ignore the early warning signs then you are putting yourself at risk of losing him.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Don’t panic though, as lots of failing relationships can be fixed. If you want to know how to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend before it reaches crisis point then step back and look at things objectively.

1) Do you love your boyfriend?

Firstly ask yourself if you are only staying together out of habit. This may seem hard but lots of couples stay in a relationship only to avoid the loneliness of being on their own. 

This is more common in couples who live together and have all the hassle of finding somewhere else to live, or can’t face paying the bills on their own. Staying in a relationship if you don’t love each other probably won’t work out very well. You need to decide if you really love your boyfriend before saving your relationship.

2) Avoid dating other guys

If you are guilty of seeing another guy behind your boyfriend’s back then you need to stop seeing him right now. If he hasn’t found out but has suspicions then you are at great risk of losing everything. 

Avoid dating other guys

You could lose not only the guy you are secretly dating but also your boyfriend. Dating another guy will take your focus away from your love and this will affect how you behave together.

If you are still in love with your boyfriend but just want the excitement of seeing this other guy, then you should be thinking about how you can spice up your relationship and become closer again.

3) Is he becoming distant?

Is your boyfriend distancing himself from you? Does he make excuses not to see you, or if you are living together does he frequently stay out late? It’s possible that he may be seeing another woman. Don’t confront him about it straight away. If you have access to his phone, then you could check his messages to see if there are any suspicious looking texts, or if you know his email password then check to see if there are any emails from unknown women.

Be careful doing this though as you don’t want him to find out. You don’t need to open up any emails, but just note to see if there are any unusual ones in his inbox.

4) Is he seeing someone else?

If you want to know how to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend, and you find out that he is seeing another woman, you have to decide what is missing in your relationship. The most common reason that men look elsewhere is that something is missing and they have found it with another woman. Often it could be something simple like he feels unloved by you, or you just aren’t paying him enough attention.

Is he seeing someone else?

Don’t take him for granted. I am sure you love your boyfriend but what often happens in a long term relationship is that you feel you don’t have to try so hard anymore. You are under the impression that your boyfriend knows you love him, so you don’t have to keep telling him. Nothing could be further from the truth! Tell him you love him every day, and give him plenty of hugs.

If you want to save your relationship before it’s too late, then you need to act now! Win him back from this other woman before he breaks up with you. Take a look at your appearance, and if you think you have let yourself go, and slop around in tracksuits or tatty jeans then give yourself a well deserved makeover. You don’t need to look tarty, but a smart, sexy dress will make him notice you again.  Get a new hairstyle. Even if you are happy with the way you look, a new hairdo will get his attention. It’s all too easy to ignore your partner if they always look the same.

5) Make time for dating each other

If you are living together and have stopped going out on regular dates with each other, then you need to fix that now. Get tickets to see his favorite band, or treat him to a romantic meal in an intimate candlelit restaurant. Take up a new hobby that you both enjoy such as learning the tango or salsa. There are sure to be dance classes somewhere in your area. 

Make time for dating each other

This form of dance is very sexy and requires lots of physical contacts. It doesn’t have to be dancing, just as long as you are spending some quality time together away from your day to day environment.

6) Learn to reconnect

Do you sit down and eat a proper meal together every day? I don’t mean while watching your favorite soap, or the latest episode of Mad Men. You need to switch off the tv and any other gadgets that take your attention such as mobile phones or laptops. 

Make this time together for catching up on any news and just reconnect with each other. (You can watch your favorite programs later!) You will be surprised at how this one small change in your routine can really bring you closer together again.

Even in today’s modern world, the old saying “A way to a man’s heart is is stomach” is still true. Cook your boyfriend a delicious meal and put candles on the table to create a romantic atmosphere.

If you want to know how to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend then learn to communicate with each other again. I don’t mean everyday chit chat, but talking about any issues and concerns you have with your relationship. If you are afraid of conflict, then don’t be. Burying your head in the sand won’t improve matters.

7)  Communicate.

do calm communication with your boyfriend believe eme half of the problem was solved by just communication, just simply ask what are the problem that makes your relationship lose and find a solution by communication and you must listen to your partner.


8) Get To Know The Perspective Of Your Boyfriend 

get to know the perspective of your boyfriend regarding this relationship and then take the decision. in your mindset you have only your preference then you think straight and then you take the decision of what you think.

9) Make Romance 

if you Not being intimate with one another can make your relationship less exciting. therefore you should open the doors of romance and make relationship connections strongly as well as physically.

In most of the cases, we experts have seen that if broken partners do romance they agree to in relationship again.

10 ) Say "Thank You" And  "Love U"  To Your Boyfriend More Often

if you want to make your boyfriend feel good then start to say thank u and love u more often these shows that you care about him.

Say "Thank You" And  "Love U"  To Your Boyfriend More Often

11 ) have fun together 

just have fun with your boyfriend and enjoy .you may go on long drive, date and you also do intimate (it is your choice). Psychological research shows that partners how fun together they have a long and strong relationship,

12) be Honest 

Honesty is the key to building a strong base for a relationship be honest toward your boyfriend and tell him all the things that you like or do not like him and say him to take steps to solve the problems that he is creating and be honest about how much you like him. 

13) Apologize 

It is very hard to accept the blame if you are the cause of the problem in the relationship. Your boyfriend still cares about you after the relationship is not going well, but is your responsibility to accept your mistake and apologize for your hart breaking mistakes.


it is the best way to make trust in the relationship. It may be the hardest thing for you to do, but if you love him the most then you have to let go of the ego and apologize.

14) Be positive

if you do anything in life then you must be positive in love positivity making lead role just think positive see positive speak positively. Life is created to do enjoy with your partner without any negative thoughts. Always be positive about the result, because your relationship is not going well doesn’t mean that he does not love you or you are the one at fault. Think of other good things that can happen when you fix your relationship with your boyfriend.

15) Let him go to get him back!

Lastly, if your boyfriend has asked for time on his own to work things out, then give him that time. Don’t plead or beg him to stay as you will only drive him further away from you. Sometimes a clean break is needed if you want to save your relationship. Men don’t always appreciate what they have until it’s gone. If he loves you then after a short time on his own he will start to miss you and want to get back with you again.

16) Go To The Experts

if you tried the to save relationship the most and your boyfriend also work hare to be in a relationship but still doesn't work then you must go to the experts and tell all your problem to experts and experts give you the solution.

Summaries The Whole Article And Take Your Notes Fast!

  • find out that you both love to each other, if not then make love to protect your relationship
  • Avoid dating other guys, if you date another guy in the fear of that my boyfriend left me .by doing this you miss all the things 
  • If your boyfriend makes distance, then find out the problems and solve them.
  • Is he seeing someone else? then find why and make solutions of them
  • go and date with each other and make exciting moments 
  • reconnect by making exciting memories and feelings
  • make proper communication in relationship, around 50% problem solved by just good communication
  •  make the decision by knowing the perspective of your boyfriend 
  • make romance frequently in loos relationship to make strong
  • Say "thank you" and  "love u"  to your boyfriend more often
  • go outside with your boyfriend and have fun together 
  • be honest in your relationship, honesty is base in any type of relationship
  • if you are responsible for a bad relationship or any type of mistake then apologize by keeping ego aside
  • think positive about your relationship, don't be too negative 
  • if your boyfriend need distance then give 
  • if still, your relationship is not coming on track then must connect with experts

Frequently asked questions

How do I rebuild my relationship with my boyfriend?

  • Firstly analyze that you both love each other 
  • Give your partner time and may go enjoy yourself with your partner
  • Let you know what your partner needs
  • Make clear communication.

How can I save my relationship from falling apart?

  • Don't make harsh and fast decisions.
  • Be honest with your partner
  • Find the major problem that affects the relationship and then solve it.
  • Heal your self
  • Try to solve the problem of your partner 
  • Say "thank you" and  "love u" more often.

How do u heal a broken heart?

  • Go to outside your home and just enjoy
  • Taking care of yourself and your hygiene 
  • Read self-help books and articles on lovedit app

How do you rebuild broken trust in a relationship?

  • Apologize to your partner.
  • Create the best experience. 
  • Create new and exciting  memories
  • Be vulnerable.