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Fight From Depression like a worrier and move on.


Depression is one of the most common mental health issues that individuals face today, affecting millions worldwide. It's a condition that can lead to devastating effects on an individual's personal and professional life, and hence it's essential to seek proper help and support. This course is designed to educate individuals on the different types of depression, the underlying causes, and symptoms. It will equip you with essential skills that can help you manage your depression effectively and take control of your life once again. So, if you're struggling with depression or know someone who is, then this course is an ideal starting point for you.

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Learning Paths in Moving On & Depression

  1. Depression: Types, Symptoms, Causes, Tests , Therapy & Treatment  🕒24m
  2. Am I Depressed Or Lazy – These 5 Questions Will Answer Am I Depressed  🕒2m
  3. Depression in the Workplace  🕒4m
  4. How to Help With Depression   🕒4m
  5. Hot Tips To dealing with anger and depression  🕒2m

Move On Phase

  1. Advice On Cheating In A Relationship ( Must Read )  🕒8m
  2. Get Over Someone Cheating On You  🕒9m
  3. How To Break Up With Someone You Love  🕒20m
  4. Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Fast  🕒27m
  5. Fix A Broken Relationship With Your Boyfriend  🕒10m
  6. Save Marriage After Infidelity And Lies  🕒7m
  7. Fix Relationship Problems With Miracle Formula  🕒6m